Just gathering dust in the back of my cupboard, but it still works. And to think that I went through University typing all my assignments on this thing. And a few bottles of liquid paper. Ahhh, memories…


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12 thoughts on ““Vintage”

  1. Do you know it will become a rare antique in the years to come? I learnt how to type using that thing…asdf asdf …oh what pleasant memories. I love the way the carriage continued to advance as you typed, until you got to the right edge of the paper, then the bell sounded (ding) and the best part: you pressed the carriage return lever. I loved that part..sigh…have a lovely weekend!

    • I typed every uni assignment I had on that. Usually late at night, with lots of liquid paper. Although the typewriter white out paper made it easier as I sometimes got impatient and tried to type whilst the liquid paper was still wet. 🙂

      The S used to stick. I had to hit K extra hard. Computer keyboards are so impersonal compared to typewriters.

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