Old man tree in the afternoon sun

Sydney July 2012.

Whilst out for a work on a warm winter’s day I saw this old tree struggling to catch a little afternoon sun, under it’s giant canopy. He seemed to be begging me to photograph him. I obliged.


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Old man tree in the afternoon sun


15 thoughts on “Old man tree in the afternoon sun

  1. Hello Lignum Draco, After spending the last hour or so looking at your work ,, grin I wanted to compliment you on such an eye for a great shot! I too love the art of photography, I’m always taking random shots of everything from pebbles to clouds , nature , to people, old trees being my favorite! This photo is just a breath taking shot the shadows are great and you almost feel the warmth of the afternoon sun even though the photo is in black and white!! Thank you for sharing what you see through your lense! I
    I look forward to enjoying more of your work…
    Mz. T

    • Hi Mz. T. Thank you very much for the visit and comment. Photography is a bit like stress relief for me. I wasn’t sure about B/W or colour for this one, but I really wanted to emphasise the texture which is why I went for B/W.

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