7 thoughts on “Please pardon my dust

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    I have vacillated between Nishita and Modularity light. The main difference is Nishita goes up 10 1024 pixels and Modularity Lite, 950. Nishita can do infinite scroll, but that means no widgets at the bottom or use a sidebar and be limited to 774 pixels. You do not want these themes to be re-sizing your images due to loss of sharpness.

    • Ron, thanks for that. I wavered between Modularity Lite and Nishita as well, but I chose Nishita (but that could change) because I like the functionality of the side bar as an easy navigation tool for others to look at my site, particularly when I have more posts up.

      Whilst there is a slight loss of quality from re-sizing, the “full size” image is readily available if one clicks on an image, whether one is on the front page or within a post. And when there is more than 1 image in a post, there is an easy navigation tool.

      Perhaps, I should add a line at the bottom of each image/post to “click the image to see it in full size”. Actually I will.


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