Sydney March 2013

I went to a high school where the prefects would episodically check that you had your black shoes appropriately shined as you arrived for school. The penalty for failing to meet “the standard” was that you were forced to shine your shoes and pay a fine. Ten cents was a rather hefty fine back in those days! By sheer force of habit, my shoes are regularly shined and polished. And yes, I use “kiwi” brand products.

And on a similar note, heaven help you if your “gym” shoes weren’t white enough, or if you weren’t fit enough for that matter. The School’s Physical Education Master was formerly a drill Sergeant in the Royal Australian Army. 😮

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The shoeshine


18 thoughts on “The shoeshine

    • In retrospect, not too bad. But that drill Sergeant could be heard at the professional tennis courts half a kilometre away when he was in full voice. The school used to get complaints from the tennis club. 🙂

  1. Omg I used Kiwi to shine my shoes too! I went to a strict boarding school. Shoes were shined until you could see your face in them, like a mirror! That guy is a kiwi guy too, how exciting!!!

    • I’d polish with kiwi every sunday afternoon. Those liquid shoe shine solutions were never good enough. And if your shoes weren’t shined, you’d get fined at my school. Same for not wearing the uniformly correctly according to specified standards.

      • Ha ha I loved those good old days…they were tough but always gave you something to boast about. We had to iron our uniforms…and wear socks at a specified length, folded in a specific way…wow what a life we had!

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