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In 1998 I spent some time studying and working in Boston. I had a Pentax film camera in those days. I am trying to digitise all my negatives currently. If I find any nice ones, I’ll post them here, just for a bit of variety. I’m not sure how often this will happen. By the way I was hopeless at labelling and archiving my negatives. 🙂

Boston Common:

Boston Common bw
Kodak Gold converted to B&W.

Boston Common 1998 colour

Film Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

Boston 1998 – part 1 of ?


24 thoughts on “Boston 1998 – part 1 of ?

      • Boston has four distinct seasons; each one is amazing; but if one is from a warm climate the first Winter there might be a bit of a shock 🙂

        You are not alone in dealing with negatives. I’ve got piles of them waiting to be scanned. I even bought a scanner to do that and it’s just gathering dust.

        • Yes, winter was a shock but walking through a light dusting of snow at Harvard was magical. 🙂
          And yes again, my scanner is gathering dust as well. It’s just too time consuming.

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