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Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a neighborhood of Federal-style rowhouses and is known for its narrow, gaslit streets and brick sidewalks.

 The cobbled streets are very appealing to a tourist, but probably wildly impractical to the local residents.

Beacon hill 2

Beacon hill 3

Intersection of Charles Street and Mount Vernon Street. Gary Drug co. and 7-11 are still there after taking a quick look at Google Maps. 🙂 B&W conversion in Lightroom.

Continuing my occasional series of digitising my negatives from my time studying and working in Boston in 1998. I was using a Pentax film camera and Kodak Gold 400 film. To see other photos in this series, please click on the “Boston” tag in this post or in my drop down menu. Or use the search button.

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Boston 1998 – part 2


24 thoughts on “Boston 1998 – part 2

  1. I was in Porto (Portugal) in four or five years ago, and saw some of the very narrow streets in Europe, was a pleasant town, but at night, these narrow streets looks kind of scary to me.

  2. In Italy we have many street like these and I love them! Never thought could find The same in America…very charming with a touch of Europen taste. Thanks for sharing😍😍

    • Thank you very much Sheri. I’m honoured that you would nominate me.

      I really appreciate this, but as I have told others, please understand that I prefer not to accept awards at this time.

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