Eye of the tiger

Sydney April 2013 (2 photos)

Eye of the tiger 2

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

Eye of the Tiger


13 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. While I may be reading too much in to it…I like the first image as it contains the woman in the right background as the person the tiger-woman is moving towards as time passes. The similar over the shoulder bag and the downward (dejected) tilt of the head engulfed the the out of focus fog that is the future…

    • Thank you. That’s an interesting interpretation of the two photos. Honestly, more than I saw in them whilst post processing them. That’s one of the pleasures of displaying a photograph- how others react to them.


  2. You made a very good point about links. I have now managed to link them to custom url, which of course makes more sense. I would hate for you to look at me as a reckless thief – I am neither a thief or reckless.

      • OK, sorry I have been under a lot of stress. I am glad you pointed out to that link absurdity. Who knows how many people were clicking on the attached photos and disregarded the inconspicuous link above. This is much better, and I am glad to have changed it. Talk soon, when I stop rambling feverishly. All’s well.

      • I have removed links from photos (it is fair that I should say so, cause when clicking on the photo it wasn’t possible to open it in a new tab, and the link to my blog would disappear) so I put none as a link to photos, but have indicated above photos that the links are in titles. I wanted pictures to be links that would open in a separate tag, but that it is not possible. (I am always here to listen to comments and critiques)

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