Taking it to the street

Sydney April 2013 (2 photos)

I was walking along when I saw this musician sitting on a stool in the middle of a pedestrian mall playing, with his back towards me. It was worth a shot so I changed the line I was walking along. My plan was to walk past him and then turn around and walk in front of him at a distance of 2 metres and get the shot in. I had my manual focus set at 2 metres and I commenced my run in. But then when I was about 5 metres away, he got up and started walking but kept playing. Quick change of plan required! He was kind of tall, so I changed my focus distance to 3 metres and then continued my approach, trying to get to a 3 metre distance whilst walking in the same direction as him. I was about set to get in front and then he decided to change direction. Foiled again so I just hoped for the best and took the shot anyway as best I could and then I walked away, hoping I at least got the focus correct.

In retrospect, this photo seems a lot more dynamic than my intended photo. So all in all, I’m quite happy with this “mistake” made good. Such is life for a candid photographer.

Taking it to the street cropped

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Taking it to the street


37 thoughts on “Taking it to the street

  1. I love this one. Him walking and playing and you walking after, having to change your plans all the time. That’s life. The outcome might not be the intended – but in another way! And sometimes even for the better.

  2. You always make me surprised at the high quality of your candid shots. They are so full of emotion and not just simple accidental snaps. It’s always a pleasure to see your new photos pop up on my reader. Hope all is well with you there, on the other side of the world…

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Your post makes us aware that opportunities can come in unexpected ways. I’m glad this one had a happy ending for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. you never know what life will hand you and you never know how “mistakes” can sometimes be… in your case, a great shot! love it! and love even more that he made you “earn” this amazing picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. kuujinbo says:

    Thanks for sharing your technique. Are the majority of your street shots using zone focusing like described?

    • Mostly I take my images on a 50mm focal length with manual focus at about 3 metres. 2m and 5m when I need to. The background noise level is important too, to hide the shutter sound.

      • kuujinbo says:

        Yes, the shutter on the Leica is quite noticeable. Do you shoot in discreet mode?

        Off topic, but how do you like the new Flickr design? I’ll just say I’m going to start linking my images from elsewhere. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • Yes, discreet mode and often when I’m close to the subject I don’t let go until I’ve walked further away.

          I’m undecided about flickr. Change often takes a bit of getting used to so I’ll persevere for a while. Maybe flickr management will allow you to revert to the previous style?

        • kuujinbo says:

          That’s what I figured. Must be great to be able to zone focus when shooting wide-open or close to wide-open. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I can’t do that yet…

          It’s the timing and combination of everything that has me wary – design change, acquisition of Tumblr, and their new pricing model all on the same day. I actually put off signing up for a Pro account until last year *exactly* because I’m not into the whole social networking thing. Nothing against the social networking sites, they’re just not for me. Even here, my only intent is to share photos and a little bit of what’s going on with close friends and family, versus maximizing traffic/hits. And it *has* been nice to “meet” a passionate photographer like you. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • My technique is acquired from reading Thorsten’s review and this blog is the result of advice from Thorsten.

          It has taken me many years to go online and I mainly just do it for myself. It’s helped me to learn to use lightroom though. I don’t have a pro account and doubt I ever will. And yes, it’s great to meet other photographers like yourself.

        • Actually on the flickr home page there is a menu that says photostream, sets, favourites, edit. Click the “edit” tab to revert to the old format (at least, temporarily).

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