Twenty years ago, I was walking along this street in Chicago when I saw a television crew surrounding this very well dressed woman. She looked important, tossing her hat in the air, as if for some television commercial. I remember having to step around the pavement to get around her and the crew. I spent a few minutes watching the scene and then I took a photo because, I was a tourist and I had a camera with me. I had no idea who she was. It wasn’t until later, back in Australia, that someone looking at my photos told me that this woman was Oprah and had a somewhat popular television show. O! 🙂

I think this may have been on North Michigan Avenue, but if anyone can correct me please let me know.

In 1993 I spent a couple of weeks in “The Windy City”. I was travelling with an SLR in those days, my Konica T4 auto reflex and mostly using Kodak Gold. As I am currently digitising my negatives, if I find any nice or interesting ones I’ll pop them on my blog, although this will only be sporadically but may be of some “historical” interest.

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Chicago 1993 – part 1 of ?


25 thoughts on “Chicago 1993 – part 1 of ?

  1. kuujinbo says:

    Look forward to seeing more of your film work. As you’re digitizing the negatives and looking at them, it would also be interested to hear how you feel your vision / approach has changed over the years. 🙂

    • Thanks. Until I got my M9, I mostly photographed scenery and things, rather than people. The effect of the rangefinder has been to make me appreciate more the photography of people and life. Strange, isn’t it?

      • kuujinbo says:

        Not so strange…maybe it’s forced you to get closer to your subjects? I still have a ways to go before I can take shots like you, as much as I want to. Not to the point where I feel comfortable doing so…

        • I guess it’s the history of Leica cameras and their use in reportage. After I had my M for a while I really stopped to think why I bought it over other cameras, and realised I did want to do reportage style photography. It was a bit nerve racking to start with but then it got easier.

  2. that’s amazing! not that you’ve captured O but that you kept negatives from so long ago. i’m sure looking at them brings back a lot of memories. 🙂

    • I could not never throw out a negative. It would be like wiping clean your hard drive of photos. And photos can be so tangible.

      Unfortunately, I never archived them very well. I’ve got drawers full of them. 🙂

  3. The colors are very smooth, a little soft in a pleasing way. That’s the film, isn’t it? and if so, how much are you paying attention to that & trying to preserve it when you digitize them?

    • The canvas is the film (Kodak Gold Generation 3, asa 200) but I have done some adjustments to contrast and light in Lightroom 4. Unfortunately my focussing was a little soft when I took the photos so some of the fine detail can’t be restored but I can (have to) live with that.

      Scanning is something I am still learning to do properly. I’m not sure I have all the parameters correct. I’m using the Vuescan program and there are way too many options.

      Thanks for the comment.

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