Sydney April-May 2013 (2 photos)


“Serenity now”

As I mentioned at the beginning of the week in The long goodbye , I’ll be taking a complete break from my blog and wordpress for a month or so. My thanks to all of you for your views, likes, comments and follows. When I started this blog, I didn’t really expect this to be a photography blog or know how it would evolve, which is why there’s no reference to photography in my log-in name or blog title. The reference to photographs in my blog description was only added a month or two after I started. But as in real life, I like to stay under the radar, and I’m happy to keep it so.

In my absence, please feel free to check out my older photos. My drop down menus are at the top of the page and you can search by category or tags. Or take a peek at my Top 10 photos in the drop down menu – do you agree with the rankings?

Again, thank you all. Keep well and keep an eye on your reader and emails come July/August. Goodbye for now.

Dude in a black jacket

“I’ll be back”

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

Time for a break, but I’ll be back…


26 thoughts on “Time for a break, but I’ll be back…

  1. Good idea to take a break! I know a few bloggers who sound like they really need to, but they carry on! I may do this myself soon, it takes a lot of time blogging – I’ve given up watching TV because there’s no time for it now. But that can’t be a bad thing – TV is very mind numbing!! I shall certainly be looking out for your return! 😀

      • Oh no – Dr Who isn’t mind numbing!! 😀 It’s probably the only thing I’ve watched all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed. Everything else – I just give up in boredom halfway through – better things to do! 😀

  2. “You said you’ll be coming back this way again, baby…” – The Carpenters. Don’t forget. we’re waiting. One month and the countdown starts now. 😀

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