not what it seems

Sydney June 2013 (4 photos)

Sometimes a scene presents itself and you just take it at face value. As an example, here’s a simple photo of a man taking a photo of a fountain.

But sometimes you need to re-examine things from another angle to get the truth…

not what it seems 2-2

And then occasionally you need to do a little digging under the collar to get the whole truth…

not what it seems 3

And then a little bit more detective work and you have nothing but the truth …

not what it seems 4

Perhaps he thinks thieves are less likely to steal his Canon equipment if he’s wearing Nikon branded clothing. Or maybe not. The truth is out there. Somewhere. πŸ™‚

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

The truth is out there


33 thoughts on “The truth is out there

  1. Already enjoyed going through all your great pictures on your blog ,but finding the humour in this post really made my sunday..;)..thanks for sharing both! Gr.Nandi

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