wired for sound

Sydney April 2013

Walkin’ about with a head full of music
Cassette in my pocket and I’m gonna use it-stereo
-out on the street you know-oh oh oh woah woah woah…

Wired for Sound, written by BA Robertson and Alan Tarney, in tribute to the Sony Walkman. Sung by Sir Cliff Richard, 1981.

…oh oh oh woah woah woah…

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Wired for sound


42 thoughts on “Wired for sound

  1. Oh – I remember that song!! The video was filmed in Milton Keynes shopping centre in Buckinghamshire UK, very near to were my family home was – it was so exciting to think a pop video had been made not that far from where we lived! The things that get you excited at 12!! 🙄

    He looks very chilled with his music in his ears! What is this strange fashion in big headphones – some of them are huge!! In the 80’s and 90’s we were all trying to make them as small as possible, and now, it seems the bigger the better! 😀

    • I suspect it’s a bit of a fashion statement and perhaps the sound quality is better. But when I’m out I don’t like to block out the street noise too much. I want to hear if there’s a commotion or cars driving near me. 🙂

  2. He looks very relaxed indeed, enjoying his day. …I didn’t think the headphones were that huge, but that’s probably because mine are not that small either (they sit so nicely, cushioning my ears, not giving me earache).
    Classy new watermark by the way, I like it!

  3. I want to mimick and say great DOF but that would be a lie as I do not really dig the technical term, but I know you’ve got a great shot! I have not heard of this song sung by Sir Cliff Richard, how could I not??? But most of all, I’m curious about what’s in his hand, the audio jack, was it supposed to be connected to his player? lol… 😀

  4. when you shoot in the streets, do you usually put your camera at your eyes level to focus or you keep it at a lower level? hope you understand my question despite my English… :)) I’ve been goin through some of your older posts (obviously:)))) trying to figure it out…but if you keep it lower, how then do you focus…?

    • We didn’t win the lotto, but you want your prize anyway? 🙂

      Mostly my camera is at belly button level. I use the technique called “zone focussing”. I manually prefocus the lens at 2-3 metres and then start walking around. I shoot whilst walking when I guess the subject is about 2-3 metres away. Depending on the aperture, you may have a narrow or wide margin for error. I have a lot of reject photos as a result. I once read that most of the great street photos in history are not in perfect focus, so I don’t argue with that. You’re still entitled to a personal lesson if we ever win lotto.

      • you bet I want my prize 🙂
        I thought you might be keeping your camera at low level judging by perspective… gosh, I can never focus if my eyes are not at my camera… plus I can never tell the distance exactly…what aperture settings do you prefer to shoot at? I will google now zone focusing… thanks for the tip 🙂
        that’s really interesting, about the greatest street shots that are not perfect in focus, hmm….where did you read that?

        I hardly ever see myself winning the lotto… which is too bad, cause I want that personal lesson 🙂

        • I generally use f1.4 – f4. The wider the better to increase shutter speed and reduce motion blur as I’m usually walking when I do these. If you use face recognition on auto, it may work out too.
          I read that fact somewhere, don’t remember where though. I’ll keep buying lotto tickets. 🙂

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