blue on blue

Sydney June 2013

Most beaches in Sydney have an associated rockpool or two; pools carved into rock that receive their water direct from the sea at high tide. They become separated from the sea at low tide. They offer a safe place to swim for those who like to swim in the ocean but may have trouble with rips and waves. For the daring, swimming in them at high tide is also possible. There’s also something to be said about the security of knowing there’s a wall you may grab a hold of if needed.

In case the cloud pattern is looking a little familiar to you, this particular photo was taken about 10 minutes before one of my earlier photos, The Swimmer . I was crouched wanting to get a photo of a nice reflection when a couple of groups of seagulls swooped by. This made the photo more interesting. Timing is everything.

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Blue on Blue


57 thoughts on “Blue on Blue

  1. to remain in him says:

    This photo invites to research, to understand what is up and down. Very ineresting and beautiful.
    And i like your logo too:)

  2. So nice, Dragon. The viewer has to stop and consider all the aspects of your picture and they all work together so well. I particularly like the scalloped effect from the chain/rope reflection–I think it sets the tone for the whole piece.

  3. I love your photos very much. This looks like a scene in an Oscar winning movie. I love the colours, the reflection, everything about it. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely Friday!

  4. The others above have described everything I thought, better than I could expressed. I love the serenity where the gulls were and yet the crashing of the waves in the background warned me of danger. I’m a poor swimmer and this rockpool does provide security. You’ve captured it so well I’m feeling both the calm and danger even though I am only looking at a photo.

  5. JL Kenney says:

    I did not read all of the comments above, so may be redundant here (but redundant praise is good, right?). The color and the symmetry are very pleasing, and while it is really quite a simple, uncluttered shot, there’s plenty to look at here. Nice!

    • Yes, it really is just a simple shot on the surface but there are a lot of layers to it. I’ve printed this one, and there’s a lot of detail that you can’t see on the screen.

      Many thanks for the comment.

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