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Sydney February 2013 (2 images)

Sometimes I like to wander around with camera in hand, in areas and along streets that I’ve walked hundreds of times before, but with the aim of seeing things anew, as if I were a tourist in the area for the first time. I find it helps to cultivate an appreciation for what might otherwise have been overlooked many times before. To help develop a photographer’s eye as it were. And so I found myself by the harbour (why must parking near the harbour be so expensive?) and taking a walk. I was looking around for things to photograph. It was a hot day and after a while I sat down and just watched the real tourists walking around taking their photos. I looked ahead. Do you see what I saw?


Exactly! Without exception the tourists I observed would walk up to the fence and shoot over it. So I got up and knelt down in front of that missing section of the fence for about 5 minutes, just playing with different lenses and focal points trying to get a different point of view of the Opera House. And a few months later on a whim, I checked some of my old photos from a few years ago taken around this area. Guess what! That missing fence section was there before and I never noticed it. Maybe I do have a bit of a photographer’s eye now.

The Photographer's Eye 2

I don’t usually join in The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge but since this week’s theme is about the unusual point-of-view, to be unusual, I thought I would. Kneeling in front of that fence, I guess the passers-by on that day probably thought that I was, ummm…. unusual. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Photographer’s Eye


73 thoughts on “The Photographer’s Eye

  1. Funny how you can look at something familiar and still not see a unique aspect of that place. Looking is passive – seeing is work, but so worth while. Nice rendering of the SOH through the “eye”.

  2. I’ve been there before. Friends who think I have no life for revisiting the same places over and over again. Strangers who think I am crazy for photographing something lying on the ground ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great shot by the way! The oval fence frame remind me of old photo frames (especially since it’s monochrome).

  3. to remain in him says:

    Both photos are nice. First one theoretically can’t be right, it is crossed with line of fence, but surprisingly it don’t disturb. It looks like one piece and do not divide the image. Other is embracing and cropping. Opera House and it looks like a knight with his lid. Never saw Opera House like that before. You helped to see it in different way.

  4. LB says:

    Love that shot! I was out yesterday and took a photo of the mountains through one of the squares in a chain link fence … not because I have such an eye as yours, but because I couldn’t reach over the top! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the lesson!!

  5. That certainly is an unusual view of the opera house! Always good to think in the opposite direction to most, thinking like that will take you far – and create great photos of course!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Beautiful colours in that photograph, makes me feel like I’m standing there for real!

  6. At first I looked and looked and didn’t see what you saw. I lack a photographers eye, but after you explained it, I saw it. It’s amazing the little things we walk by or look at, and never see, because we were impatient? not keen enough? The photo is fabulous. I love it. By the way is that the Opera house, Oprah Winfrey’s final show was held? I remember Hugh Jackman zip-lining. Australia is truly beautiful. Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Pรฉpรฉ le Moko says:

    Kneeling in front of that fence may just have expanded the passer-by’s perspective. I’ll bet they never noticed the missing piece either except for your use of it and may have even checked out the view that caught your eye. The start of a ripple – your bit to expand thinking.

  8. I fully sympathise with your comment about the back pain! Followed by the attempt to get upright again with some degree of grace. Worth it, though, for that second shot, which reminds me of peering through a port hole on a tall ship.

  9. I have a photo buddy who has a knack for seeing and found a hole in the fence to shoot through while I was incorporating it in a different way.It keeps me on my toes. It is great that you had a reference to look back on.Keep having fun!

  10. Suzi says:

    I’ve been feeling in a bit of rut lately, bored of photographing the same things around me. You’ve made me see that there can always be a fresh perspective if you’re prepared to look.

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