Sydney June 2013

I was out on one of my walks with my camera in hand. As I mentioned before, I always have the camera on, the lens cap off, and the manual focus set at about 3 metres. I’m always after that spur of the moment image. As I turned the corner of this city block, I was immediately faced with a wedding party taking a short breather from having professional photographs taken. As a group, they looked tired. I walked towards the wedding party and took the shot at about the appropriate range. Later I was reviewing my image on my computer. The focus missed the bride’s face but was perfect for the bouquet. Actually, I’m rather happy it worked out that way.

There was a movie released in 1995, “Waiting to Exhale” (details from Wikipedia – I’ve never seen the movie, but know of its title). The story centered on four female friends and their relationships with men and one another. All of them are “holding their breath” until the day they can feel comfortable in a committed relationship. By analogy, and in more ways than one, I think this bride is happy to have a quiet moment to …

* breathe *

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33 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Somehow you always manage to capture the essence of the unsaid, nonverbal emotions which the subject thinks are carefully hidden in the mask of anonymity – amazing images!! Love your perspective on the randomness of life…

  2. Spur of the moment indeed, the bride looks beautiful. You have to hold your breathe for the day he pops the magic “will you marry me” it doesn’t always have a happy ending, so if it does, it sure is a great sigh of relief. Thanks for sharing. I love love your photos!

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