Sydney September 2013

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to practice photography recently, what with work commitments and my main camera being in the workshop for repairs for over a month now. So what little photography I am doing at the moment is usually in the eventide (…such a more poetic term than evening). As this demands the use of a tripod, I thought I’d indulge a bit more in long exposure photography. I used a 10 stop neutral density filter, low iso and a 40 second exposure. In this photo taken just on sunset, I personally like the depth of colour and the contrast between the stillness of the water in the rock pools and the way the long exposure makes the ocean waves and tide look, errr …

… even. 🙂

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78 thoughts on “Eventide

  1. to remain in him says:

    In photography I am looking for expression first of all. But you are perfect in both – professional side and capturing the moment as well. Great job.

    • It isn’t as sharp as I would have liked (f6.3). I didn’t have a remote release with me. THe Olympus will only allow a maximum 60 second exposure on non bulb function. Any longer would require 2 shutter presses, and movement blur.

  2. Sonya says:

    Very nice photo… the oranges and purples are so pretty. I’m partial to an amazing cloudscape, but the completely barren sky is very captivating in this image. Great eye! – Sonya

  3. Elizabeth Krall says:

    I love the soft peacefulness of this image. The ocean looks like a low fog or a mist creeping over the land.

  4. kuujinbo says:

    I love the colors and contrast too. You haven’t missed a step with the OM-D, which is a great camera in it’s own right, and *you’re* behind either camera taking the shot. 🙂

  5. This is so surreal, so beautiful. I like the hues. Your picture does calm the body, mind and soul. Time seemed to stand still here. I’m feeling less stress and am able to stop fidgeting for a good 189 seconds, just admiring 😉

  6. JL Kenney says:

    Is the pool on the right the same water in the very cool blue photo, with gulls? (had to come back and look again – that purple is wonderful!)

    • Thanks for the 2nd look, and yes you’re right but there’s more! At the bottom of the main post is a series of tags and one of them is “rockpool”. If you have the time, click on it to see all my photos of this rockpool so far.

  7. The photo does look very nice and romantic, with colours that I cannot describe. I honestly wouldn’t mind sitting there by the ocean, enjoying the stillness of the water in the rock pool, the waves and the sunset, with a loved one by my side. I love sitting by the water, it always gives me that calmness, that I can’t describe. Thanks so much for sharing, another beautiful photo. The header image is even more romantic with that couple…kissing? ahem and there’s a bird in the background, watching. I love romantic moments!

  8. It’s a lovely photo, I really like the colours. I hope your camera will be fixed sooner rather than later, but I know it can take a while. I am dreading the day mine will have to go in for repair (with a high likelihood of being shipped off to Germany…).

  9. it’s very beautiful, Draco… the purple to orange gradient in tone and color is truly amazing… there’s something very poetic about this capture… this is something I’d hang on my wall…

    on the technical side, I’m now fascinated with the idea to try an ND filter 🙂

    • Thanks Alex. I use a 3 stop ND filter on the street in bright daylight normally. The 10 stop ND is for more creative water shots. I want to try it to blur moving clouds one day too.

      • I will have to google 3 and 10 stop ND filters first… I’ve seen shots with blurred moving clouds… it’s a fascinating and dreamy effect… would love to see your dreamy clouds 🙂

        • They’re very useful, particularly in the harsh sunlight we have here. I’ve only done water shots. I need the right cloud pattern first. 🙂

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