Sydney June 2013

I think the expression on this woman’s face says it all.

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera



44 thoughts on “Entrapment

  1. Women and handbags…I think she likes it. My experience with handbags: you see the one you really like and your face lights up, then you look at the price and …omg it costs something ridiculous. So you end up having a bemused expression, like the one she has now…and thinking “I love you so much, but can I really afford you??” Have a pleasant evening Lignum. Thanks for sharing!

  2. to remain in him says:

    Wow, the sale! That’s touching the heart of women:) And the sale of shoes even more. “How much? Is it what I want? Can I find something better in some other place?” And many many other thoughts… Nice photo.

  3. JL Kenney says:

    I don’t get the fashion boot thing, but I am not typical that way, I guess. More for all the other women, right? 🙂
    Again, I applaud your candid capture!

  4. I thought she was having a “boot lust” moment at first, but a second look, especially checking out the rest of her face in the window reflection, tells me that she recognizes that those boots will not be coming to live at her house…no matter how much she might like them.
    As always, so much fun to check out your candids and then spin a story to match.

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