fire in the shy

I don’t normally do 2 posts in a day, but this is more of a brief update. I have been kindly contacted by a few people to check on my safety. Thank you. I am quite safe and well well clear of the danger zone.

As you may know, the worst bushfires to hit New South Wales Australia in 50 years have struck. Much of eastern NSW is on fire and many fires are burning out of control. Hundreds of homes have been lost and firefighters are being flown in from interstate. Last Thursday was D-day and the skies of Sydney were black and orange. The Blue Mountains on the western outskirts of Sydney are a disaster zone and a state of emergency has been declared. There is a smoke haze throughout the air and I have not seen any significant clear blue sky in 4 days. The sun and moon are obscured by smoke and have had an orange tinge daily since. The air pollution levels are at record highs, and public advice is to avoid strenuous outdoor exercise. This Wednesday is expected to be another danger day with high temperatures and strong winds. We have been experiencing record hot days in October with little rain.

Sad to say, it’s not the first bushfire I’ve encountered. In Canberra 2003 I was much closer to the firestorm and had embers in my yard. I hurriedly packed my car and I thought I was ready to go, until the electrical blackout hit and I couldn’t get my car out of the garage. Lesson learnt.

fire in the shy 2

It’s all part of living in a sunburnt country…

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The Sunburnt Country


62 thoughts on “The Sunburnt Country

  1. The sky will be affected for some time to come – we hit the overcast remnants of fires in the Western US in 2012 – long after the last fire was out – there was a city-like haze over most of the normally clear skies. Car out of the garage I hope…

    • Of course. The haze will have a significant effect particularly on health, and of course insurance premiums will now rise. I now know how to manually unlock the automatic garage door at least. πŸ™‚

  2. I must be the only person in the world that doesn’t know this is going on! I rarely watch TV, and severely dislike news (of any kind) so it’s up to my news-head brother to inform me about things like this, which he usually does – he must have forgot this time! So thanks for letting me know! It sounds very alarming – hell on earth!! I really wish you all the best in this situation and hope that you and many others manage to keep safe through all this, without too much disruption to your lives.

    • You’re not alone. Don’t ask me what’s happening elsewhere – it just gets too busy to keep up with it all. Most of the city is safe but the western outskirts is on alert. Thank you Suzy.

  3. Thanks for letting us know you are safe, Lignum. Very sorry to hear about fires. dry weather and wind are the worst combination. Our Yosemite got burned badly, some 22,000 acres in 2 weeks… Be safe.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this (tragedy for many families I’m sure) but am glad you are safe from the fire. Take the necessary caution from the effects and stay safe!

  5. Not liking these photos so much 😦 although as another has written they are stunning. May I add my well wishes for your safety and all our Australian friends.
    Looking forward to your return with more beautiful photos.

  6. I can understand…We had a terrible fire last year..It was almost 50 kms away, so at the beginning I though we were having a sun eclipse…Everything became slowly darker and darker, and the sun and the moon changed to red for some days….One week later the house next to our burned absolutelly…It was terrible….My C had to help to put away the lady that was living inside with a ladder..
    I hate fires now…But I agree one learns a lot of things…For instance: that thing about the electric door of the garage….
    I feel sorry for your country..Every year is tragic somehow…Every year a lot of nature gets burned…Fire brings death and life …

  7. JL Kenney says:

    It was good to hear that you are safe. It seems every place has a “thing”, a way of Mother Nature getting our attention.
    And I really love the first photo, (perhaps because there’s nothing much my old eyes have to focus on? *grin*). So simple.

  8. EvaUhu says:

    jeez, this looks really frightening. I’ve heard about it on the news, but it feels different if someone close by tells the tale… stay safe!

  9. I feel as though I’d like to add a big “me, too!” to all the comments you’ve received. This has to be very disturbing–even from a relatively safe distance. (Though the pictures, particularly the second one, are quite stunning.) Take care, Dragon…I trust you are heading away from rather going toward on your holiday.

    • Thank you. But fear not. Dragons are magical creatures that do not fear fire, for they in fact, breathe fire. They also have an ancient wisdom to know to avoid danger. πŸ™‚

  10. hi woody dragon,
    trust all is well at your end.
    rather unfortunate about the bushfires, but it seems to be an annual occurrence this time of the year if my memory serves me well. here in malaysia, we have terrible smog/haze annually from the open burning fires in sumatra june/july timeframe, i can empathise with the situation in nsw. take good care.

    best regards,
    p.s. great composition with the photos, simple but the message is telling.

  11. tara cooney says:

    Quite a stunningly fierce photo of the gum tree against the smoky background. So many people affected. Fingers crossed for rain soon.

    • Thank you. I find my own reader a bit mucked up. Some posts don’t show up regularly and the little notification box at the top right plays up too. Some replies I get seem to go straight to the spam box.

      I’ve resorted to changing to email notifications for some blogs that don’t show up in my reader. And I have a small list of blogs I just make a habit of visiting once a week regardless of the reader.

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