Shalespeare @ age 32

Sydney November 2013 (2 images)

…Just a brief and unexpected departure from my usual posts…

I’d been out walking on a hot Spring day and after a couple of hours ended up at Bondi beach. By now I was famished so I decided I wanted a gourmet burger for lunch. At this particular place, they’d decorated their walls with drawings that children had made based on the name and theme of the restaurant. All quite cute to look at.

However when I took a look at the drawing immediately behind me, I started to smile and I had to get out my iPhone:

Shalespeare @ age 32-2

Over at the WordPress Weekly Photo challenge, the topic is the Unexpected. The staff had purposefully stuck on their wall a drawing by a 32 year old in amongst other drawings by children. This was certainly quite unexpected and gave me a nice laugh. And quite unexpectedly, after lunch, instead of my original plan to catch a taxi, instead I chose to walk a couple of hours back to where I started from.

…Expect normal transmission to resume later in the week…

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Shakespeare @ 32


40 thoughts on “Shakespeare @ 32

  1. Kids always observe things in a better manner than we do. They have no reason to lie or sugar-coat things. So point bluntly and address the cow as the burger he is about to eat. With ketchup πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha!! πŸ˜† I was going to say – at least these children know what they are eating in their burgers. And then I noticed the age was 32!! Are sure these were created by children!? πŸ˜€

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