“To sleep”

Sydney November 2013 (6 images)

1. MOON BUDDHA by Vince Vozzo. A sculpture in sandstone.
The artist states he has an obsession for the perfect human face.

Personal note: I photographed this one because I love the serenity of it all.


“The stairway to heaven”

2. DIMINISH AND ASCEND by David McCracken.
The artist states that this is a compelling perspective illusion that requires the viewer to literally diminish to ascend.

Personal note: I stood at this one for a while trying to work out the best way to photograph it. Practically every third person who came by would say “Oh look, the stairway to heaven”.


“No rest for the wicked”

No artist statement provided.

Personal Note: Just a thought provoking work of art.

This year was the 17th annual exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. There were 107 sculptures on display against the backdrop of the eastern Sydney beaches from Tamarama to Bondi. There was nice weather the day I went and it most certainly was a GRAND day out. Obviously there are more photos but this is just a small selection of some of the sculptures that caught my eye.


“Stay between the flags”

4 & 5. RED CENTER by Carl Billingsley.
The artist states that this is a work to experience the immediate. It is ephemeral, sensory, formal, discrete, finite, specific, geometric, mutable, illusory, positive and free (the only sculpture not for sale).

Personal note: Over here our beaches have red and yellow flags meaning to only swim between the flags. If these were life size, this would be very confusing. Apparently this work was taken apart each evening and reassembled each morning.



“This is the land down under”

6. HORIZON by Lucy Humphrey.
The artist states that Horizon is a site specific sculpture that celebrates the surrounding natural environment. Using water as a sculptural material, the work will temporarily transform the viewer’s experience of the site, as a monument to the coastal landscape and the constant line of the horizon.

Personal note: A simple concept brilliantly executed.

Olympus Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

Sculpture by the Sea 2013


91 thoughts on “Sculpture by the Sea 2013

  1. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful sculptures. What does a perfect face look like? The stairway to heaven certainly caught my attention. it looks like one can actually climb their way to heavenโ€ฆif only it was that easy. And the horizon looks spectacular. Have a fabulous week!

    • I’m not sure that he has found the perfect face yet, and suspect that the sculptor will be continuing until his hands are worn away. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Many thanks for your visit and comments. Have a great week ahead!

  2. LB says:

    Thank you for taking us to this exhibition. It would take me hours to look at 107 sculptures (as it must take hours to take down and put back up all those flags). Incredible sculptures beautifully photographed

    • Too obvious? ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess it would have been so easy for the artist to have called it that, but he would have had his reasons not to.

      It was a good day out. Got to remember the sunscreen next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. M. R. says:

    Oh THANKS, L.D.! I never get to this, having no-one to go with and being too bloody old to be charging up and down cliff paths, and your photographs are the best I’ve seen. Next year, you might work out some way of being able to show the lot without using up all your permitted space/bandwidth/whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Many thanks. I went on a friday. It started out calm, but the crowds quickly grew. I can only imagine the chaos on those narrow steps and staircases on a weekend.

      I’ll try harder next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sono totalmente affascinata, quella che li ha stupita di piรน รจ l’ultima, perchรฉ mi sembra che sia un mondo interamente racchiuso nel sogno
    I’m totally fascinated, what surprised them most was the last one, because it seems to me that it is an entirely enclosed in the dream world
    Thank you

  5. kuujinbo says:

    Nice shots of some very interesting art.

    Still waiting to see something from the new Sony. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You have the native 35mm/f2.8, right?

  6. kuujinbo says:

    That’s so unfortunate it’s taken so long. Can’t remember if I asked or not before, but were you given an option of a loaner? You’re much more patient than me – if I had to wait this long and had the A7R, would seriously consider giving up on Leica…

    • No I wasn’t. At this stage the A7R is not a viable Leica replacement. Shutter way too loud and battery life not good; I need to play around with the options a bit more.

      I’ve even thought about buying a well priced used replacement M8 or 9 that I could maybe buy then sell, or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Alexandra says:

    I’m quite impressed by the red-and-yellow-flags installation and the fact that it has to be redone every day, over and over… it’s the mandala philosophy there… splendid shots of interesting sculptures, thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Hi! What a fabulous art installation and you’ve captured them beautifully. The B&W of the bike is wonderful. They all are- you have such a great eye. Sorry we missed this.

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  12. I would very much like to enclose a small preview of your โ€œNo rest for the wickedโ€ in my B&W Sunday post. Let me know if it is ok, if you are not sleeping already….

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  14. Just spotted ‘No rest for the wicked’ over at Paula’s. And as if that weren’t breath-taking enough, here I find all these other extraordinary creations, and your striking renditions of same. Most exciting and uplifting. Thanks.

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