Don't look now 4

“Don’t look now but I think there’s a guy behind you with a camera pointed towards us”

Sydney February 2014 (3 images)

Don't look now 2

“Don’t let him see me! I told my husband I was with the girls”

Don't look now 3

“Don’t worry. I’ll get the pepper spray”

After the solemnity of the previous post, I thought I’d go with something a bit light-hearted to end the week. πŸ™‚

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

Don’t look now, but…


81 thoughts on “Don’t look now, but…

    • Thank you.

      No secret, I cover the technique in this post: here

      In summary, manual focus at 2-3 metres. Walk into position and click, with aperture wide enough for a shutter speed of at least 1/100s

      • thanks for sharing, woody dragon.
        the technique seems straightforward. from your photos, i note you have this knack of framing/composing your shots beautifully and clicking the shutter at exactly the right moment. i suppose that’s down to developing an intimacy between man and machine.
        have a good weekend.
        od weekend.

  1. I wish you’d ‘go with’ anything MORE OFTEN, LD ! πŸ™‚
    There isn’t anyone who can hold a candle to you with these wonderful candid shots.

  2. JL Kenney says:

    From what I see of the background, it looks like a very beautiful structure…with some interesting people inside of it πŸ™‚

  3. LOL :)))) the shots are awesome and the captions put a great smile on my face, thank you :)))) as much as I love color I’m crazy about your bw street photography πŸ™‚ enjoy your weekend too…

  4. Lunch time stalker, lol… the photos are beautifully crisp definitely, and they are in good taste. Loved the stories behind each photo.

    Do you eat there, have a cuppa? You’re at table level, and it seemed you have quite a few shots from this place, the food must be good or did you sacrifice yummy for the subjects? hahaha…

  5. Ohhhhh People watching… one of my favorite pass times.. I haven’t tried photo graphing them yet, bit scared they might try and poke me in the eye with whatever is handy!

    Great shot!

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