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Sydney May-June 2014 (4 images)

The annual Vivid Festival of Sydney is currently on again. Over 18 nights from May 23 until June 9 2014, 3D light projections and light art sculptures illuminate various portions of the city, mostly around the harbour. It is now officially Winter here, and the festival ends with the close of this public holiday long weekend. I’ve tried to photograph as many of the split-second changing light patterns as possible. As expected, I have way too many photos on file now after going on several nights. I’ll be kind and limit this series of posts to less than 10 in number.

vivid 2014 12

This year, the showcase lighting of the Opera House sails has been entrusted to 59 Productions (UK/USA). Lauded for developing ‘the most sophisticated use of film in the theatre to date’ (Metro) and creating ‘an entirely new art form’ (The Guardian), 59 Productions takes the iconic building on a dramatic journey through time – from the birth of architecture and civilization through to the pinnacle of human and technological achievement.

vivid 2014 14

11pm June 2 2014. A moment in time perhaps to remain unmarked in history, except to note that for a couple of minutes the Wood Dragon had his moment in the spotlight and was revealed to the world.

vivid 2014 15

Of course, the festival is more than the light show on the Opera House and other iconic buildings. Light sculptures are dotted around the harbour as well. In the background you can see that surrounding buildings are also lit up in ever changing colours and feature laser light shows.

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Random VIVIDness 2014 (2)


94 thoughts on “Random VIVIDness 2014 (2)

  1. Love the second shot. The Opera House looks like a butterfly of sorts. It doesn’t look too crowded where you are, but I suppose that’s because it’s late at night. Ah…the bright lights revealed you to the world…I don’t think you minded too much by the sounds of it. Was that you in the third shot?

    • Thank you. You know, I walked there several times, and didn’t realise I was in the spotlight. When I did realise it, I stopped and took several shots of my shadow. There was only one other photographer there at the time – I think he copied me after I left. 🙂

      My vivid 2014 folder contains over 1000 shots – but I shoot, review the next day, and go back and try to do things better, or at least differently.

  2. OMG, how spectacular! Lucky me, the wine merchant just delivered some great wines.:-) I have put a few in the fridge and tonight I’ll enjoy Sidney from the armchair, sipping my wine, enjoying your show. Absolutely stunning.
    Love, Dina

  3. Where were you revealed ? – I mean, via which medium ? Were you seen in a quick grab on a TV report, maybe ?
    Terrific shots, of course – but what else ?! 😀

    • Just a play on words. I was standing in the direct beam of the spotlight and that’s my shadow in the 3rd shot – so anyone shooting the opera house at that time will potentially have seen me. 🙂
      Thank you kindly.

      • Ah, I get it. And it makes more sense: that’s the shadow of an adult bloke – which is always how I’ve thought of you … not as a young one …

  4. The vivid clarity in each of your shots is brilliant Lignum, such a stunning job of bringing the festival to the armchair attendees! And well done on making an appearance!

  5. I see, vivid color is the new bw 😀
    these are amazing shots once again, Draco!! you must be very experienced to know from where to take the shots and compose so beautifully!!

    the light patterns of the first one are so interesting, like a piece of origami art… 🙂

    and I love your haircut 😀

    • Vivid colours are definitely in for the moment, so enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂 Thank you, but the hard thing is not in finding a good vantage point but in getting a big enough space to put my tripod down and not get bumped by others.

      It was a little bit windy and some hairs were out of place. Next time I’ll take a comb. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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  7. Bedazzling…what more can I say? I hope one day I get a chance to visit Sydney. It’s definitely on my bucket’ve sold me….best wishes!!!!

      • Just been googling: “Air Canada this spring opened a direct flight from Toronto to Sydney; it is roughtly 21 hours, with one stop for refuel in Vancouver” oh wow that would be flying non-stop 15 hours from vancouver…my longest flight has been 18 hours with a stop over…so roughly 10 + 8 hours !

  8. kelihasablog says:

    You ARE amazing!!! These beautiful shots have just made my day! It’s so nice to see such beautiful, magical looking shots. Maybe one day I “accidentally” shoot something neat, but these are stunning! 😀 Well done my friend! ❤

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