resistance is futile

Sydney February – July 2014 (3 photos)

“What do you think is the world’s most recognisable container of information? It’s the human face. We are constantly reading each other and responding.” … Jan Chipchase

The gaze. The posture. The body language. That single moment frozen in time. It says it all but what does it all mean?
What’s your interpretation?

50mm prime lens, f2, manual focus at 2.5 metres, and taken whilst walking – although I do slow my stride as I press the shutter release. I like being able to get in close. I think it makes for better candid/street photography, even if the camera is occasionally seen …

Do I have your attention?

I thought it was time to indulge again in some of my characteristic style of candid photography, in black and white…

the new order

… resistance is futile.

If you missed it, my VIVID Sydney series is completed; a total of 91 photos and 4 videos in 9 posts, including 28 photos in the finale post.

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Resistance is futile


75 thoughts on “Resistance is futile

  1. Love the crisp details and composition. Let’s see, the distinguished looking fellow that begins the series is listening intently, is all business, possesses a ruthless intellect, and is about to break into a big, wide smile.

    In two swift moves, lasting no more than 1.1 seconds, the Asian gentleman can snatch your camera and render you immobile. His expression tells me he thought restraint would serve him well, since his identity must be kept a secret. Hmmmm… reminds me of someone I know….. but I digress….

    Finally, we have this interesting man with the security pass, or, I.D., connected to his belt. He just yelled at his boss, unloading all the pent up frustration that he has managed to keep locked away in some corner of his normally pensive and shy personality that, this morning, was released in a Mt. Vesuvius of emotion that could not help but overflow in a tsunami of anger and frustration from so many years of being marginalized and belittled by an even smaller person than he. He now is heading towards the nearest camera shop, where he will purchase the DSLR of his dreams, start a blog, and capture other chained souls in the hopes of setting them free.

  2. I don’t know why but the guy in the first photo looks like a secret agent undercover…and that random passerby over his shoulder is suspecting something πŸ˜€ But I think we all know you’re the one who makes the best secret agent…one that wields a deadly camera and no one every notices…

    Body language is an interesting thing. There was a point when I was meeting new people I would scrutinise them from head to toe and their every movement. Very naughty of me.

  3. The facial expression of the first one looks pretty tense; I definitely don’t want to sit across from him πŸ™‚ The “resistance is futile” is a cool capture. But, at 2.5 metres, and these people didn’t sense πŸ˜•
    Amazing shots, as always, Dragon. I really like Jan Chipchase quote.

  4. I like the open interpretation in the first photo! The second one is looking directly at you or so I think but does he know? The third is oblivious towards you but resistance is futile even if he knew, hahaha… Simply love your B&Ws. πŸ˜€

  5. (1) father and daughter: she is asking for money and he is listening to her reasons as to why she wants it
    (2) small-time but successful businessman: a deal he thought would go through without any problems has just fallen apart
    (3) small-time banker: stacking on weight because he knows, now, that he’s never going to be big-time

  6. What a nice way to present in pictures the word container.
    My fav is the second one I like the expression of this old asian man.
    Have a nice day ahead πŸ™‚

  7. So…are you literally shooting from the hip?
    As much fun as it is to make snappy comments, I really am interested in the “how” of what you are doing. My breathing shuts down when I consider shooting strangers up close–perhaps this is why I prefer factories and bridges.

  8. Great photos and technic to shoot it. I love the low perspective. I think the first one is really listening to the girl and keep eye contact with her. It could be a job interview from someone who meets in public. The second one is really distracted from your camera. I hope he did not hear the click. πŸ™‚ This is completely different then walking around with a tripod. πŸ™‚ I love this technic and will try it too but I think it needs a lot of training to get it right. You can see the work of the master. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a fascinating take on the ‘container’ theme. The face. That’s actually quite a disturbing notion and your moody b & w have caught that sense of alienation we all suffer in varying degrees. That final composition is just brilliant.

  10. The first man is listening to a story that he thinks is a big lie, he almost has a chuckle; the second man is reminiscing about the good old days when he was young and very handsome, and wondering how the years fly by; the third man is bold, and un-pertubed…he’s the 2014 edition. Have a great weekend Lignum, those are great shots!

  11. You know how much i loved your Vivid Sydney photos but street photography is your best card! All the photos are amazing, i don’t know how you do it but you manage to capture such unique moments with great technical detail. I always enjoy reading your posts as well πŸ™‚

  12. I’m very good at telling what people are thinking even when they are saying the opposite – sometimes anyway! Body language is easy to read when you get used to reading it, but only in the flesh. I’m not sure a frozen image of less than a second in someone’s life would always be accurate in conveying what they are thinking. But I suppose that may depend on the person and that moment.

    Is that man holding a phone in the restaurant filming you?! πŸ™‚

    • Even in a second, facial expressions can change so quickly, but it’s interesting to speculate.
      No, he was looking at his phone or texting before I got to him. For some reason, he just looked up at that moment.

  13. The Chinese man is very catching, but I think I like the first one the most. I love how you can focus on these particular people, emphasized by the out of focus background.

  14. Marvelous πŸ™‚ I have missed your black & white series, and I have missed being here. I will happily link to this one. Thank you so much, Draco. (Sleep tight)

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