there's something about Mary

There’s something about Mary.

Sydney February-May 2014 (4 photos)

Being a functional port, Sydney Harbour attracts its fair share of cruise ships and ocean liners, particularly in the summer and Sydneysiders will often flock to see them arriving and when they’re in port. And it was no exception when the current flagship of the Cunard line, the Queen Mary 2 came to town again. I caught up with the ship near the end of her stay here.

there's something about Mary 3</a

There’s something about Mary.

there's something about Mary 2

There’s something about Mary.

They have this zigzag pattern of paving on the forecourt and paths in this area. It makes for a strong photographic element.

old habits die hard

There’s something about Mary. Old habits die hard.

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There’s something about Mary


77 thoughts on “There’s something about Mary

  1. You “caught up with the ship”. It sounds like you and the ship are best friends, Dragon. Lovely and crisp shots of random passer-byes, as usual. The ship looks like a marvelous sight for the eyes, no wonder people are taking photos. Then again, people take photos of everything these days. Their creative sides coming out.

    On a side note about Sydney, I am envious of the warm winter weather you guys are having *shakes fists*

  2. These grand dames used to come to my hometown, Odessa port, too. The city was buzzing with excitement those days. To me, remarkable as these ships are, it has always created a stunning contrast with the city’s downtown – the ship is easily twice as large as any or the 200 year old European- style buildings 🙂

  3. Does she look like a bloody SHIP? Most of today’s don’t: they look like floating hotels designed with kitsch. Love the shots – all good, LD !!!

  4. earthstills says:

    Laughing – wonder how they clean her pipes?! All hands on deck?! You really make me smile with your words, images and allusions!!!

  5. There really is something about Mary. 🙂 Wonderful captures Draco, my favorite is the elderly lady taking a photo with her smartphone. The zigzag paving is lovely!

  6. Ships are always interesting to photograph, and they’re always huge, much larger than they appear in pictures. That zigzag paving pattern gives the picture some very interesting texture. Almost feels 3D, but not quite. Or maybe it’s just the effect it has on my eyes! 🙂

    • At times, I still wonder how these giant ships stay afloat, but I’ll just leave that to the engineers. 🙂
      Zigzags can be confusing, so I completely understand. 🙂

  7. Why are ships female and not male? I love the use of the term Sidneysiders. I would probably have used “sydneydians’ or sydneysians ha ha. She looks pretty. I would flock besides sydneysiders any time any day. Great shots as usual!

  8. Well, Mary looks terrific in black & white! I love the use of DoF in your second shot and the lines on the pavement are particularly functional in the last one.

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