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blue angel 1

Sydney August-September 2014 (5 photos)

Sha la la, dooby wah, dum dum dum, yeh yeh, um

Oh blue angel, don’t you cry
Just because he said goodbye
Oh, ahh ahh ahh
No don’t cry

Oh blue angel, have no fear
I’ll brush away lonely teardrops
Hey hey, whoa whoa

Blue angel, a song written by Joe Melson and Roy Orbison (1960). Sung by Roy Orbison.

blue angel 2

“In Between Two Worlds” by artist Jason Wing is a permanent street art installation in a small service lane in the Chinatown district of Sydney. Incorporating wind, water, fire and earth, the artwork references both Chinese and Aboriginal motifs. In Chinese and Aboriginal culture the elements are said to have their own spirits. In the Chinese Zodiac humans are also created with characteristics of the elements.

blue angel 5

I’d always wanted to see what this looked like at nighttime. Situated at the rear of several chinese restaurants, there was actually quite a fair amount of activity going on in the lane.

blue angel 4

Oh blue angel, don’t you cry, just because he said goodbye…

blue angel 3

For my previous daytime photography of this same artwork:

Spirits in the sky

Someone to watch over me

Photography Etcetera, Sony Etcetera

Oh, blue angel don’t you cry


68 thoughts on “Oh, blue angel don’t you cry

  1. Very, very cool shots…that keep leading the eye further and further into the Blue Angels world. Nothing quite like the feeling & emotion of working with light the way you have done here. Inspirational work…

  2. I’m glad you were finally able to share the night shots…it really is a remarkable installation and you’ve done a wonderful job day or night. Also glad that there are ordinary (and overworked) people carrying on below, seemingly oblivious to the beauty around them. All too often, we are them.

    • Thank you. It really was a very active place with deliveries, workers taking their breaks, photographers and passers-by in the area. Everyone going around their business under the gaze of the angels.

  3. I remember the post of this artwork you did earlier. This photo series conveys the theme of the half human and half spirit figures and the heaven and earth beautifully and perfectly. It is quite moving… Thank you, Dragon!

  4. Wow”!!! Love it at night! Absolutely different !!! I bet it was a great experience, being there, at night, …Everybody cleaning and having the last cigarette….

  5. I do remember seeing these angels before – that’s a relief, perhaps my memory is not as bad as I thought! They look really wonderful all lit up in blue, gives that ally an arty surreal look. I wish the streets where I lived looked like that. They do at Christmas, but the rest of the year, they’re quite neglected of decoration! πŸ™‚

  6. Lignum – You bring us such interesting work to enjoy. I wasn’t familiar with the blue angels but yes, I recognize the song. Thanks for the education.
    On my last remark, you commented with I’m too generous. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many have come to me and ask that I like a Facebook page or some such thing and my response is that I’ll always do an independent review of their work and invite my followers to have a look for themselves. I’ve watched your work for a long time now and it is still among my favorite photography. It’s not often I’ll run to show something to Tom and he has also seen much of the photography you post and also admires your work (using technical terms I have no understanding of). I hope this helps you understand I don’t toss out praise easily or to fill an empty remarks box. I write what I honestly feel and you are one of my favorite photographers. Sheri

    • Thank you Sheri. Your honest opinions are always a pleasure to read and always appreciated. I am truly glad that you enjoy my photos, but perhaps even more so that Tom enjoys them too. That means a lot to me.

  7. how much time did you spend there to capture the full story ? it’s so interesting, same setting, different characters… the blue-yellow contrast works magic here… hand held the camera?

    • I think these were shot on 3 different nights, each time coupled with a trip to a different restaurant. I’d spend an hour there each night just getting a feel for it all.
      Yes, all handheld.

  8. Hand held? I practice that but you do it very well. This installation is interesting. I wonder at the meaning of the ‘heart chakra’. It is fascinating that they choose to put it where it would be most enjoyed by the people who work in/along the alley.

    • Thank you. From Google: The internally lit aerial figures follow a recurring theme in Wing’s work, representing himself as a child as well as renewal and rebirth. The floating figures contemplate a central orbicular motif which suggest both a body chakra or qi point, and the art of indigenous Australians.

      There’s a small series of lane way art here in sydney. I posted about another one, perhaps better known, recently here.

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