the breakfast club 3

Sydney June 2014 (3 photos)

Occasionally, the idea that I should get up extra early and go out and do some dawn photography will enter my mind. I’ll even go so far as to set 4 alarms on my phone at 10 minute intervals. Mostly, in the harsh reality of a cold morning, I hit snooze and reset and go straight back to sleep. Sometimes, I’ll get up look out the window, then go back to sleep. On this particular winter morning I got up, looked out the window and saw a cloud pattern that I hoped would make for some dreamy dawn shots. I decided to go through with my intent for once.

I got there 65 minutes before sunrise. A few photographers had already assembled and others were arriving. I set up my tripod and took some shots. Then some swimmers came by and we all moved around to get our photos. I think we all bonded without saying a word to another, just by being there.

The breakfast club 2

By now the sun had risen and “the breakfast club” was starting to break up. I took a final shot.

The breakfast club

I packed up and we all went our separate ways. I got in the car and as I drove off, I heard this song on the radio:

Don’t you forget about me
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
Don’t you forget about me

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

I say la, la la la la …

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

The breakfast club


87 thoughts on “The breakfast club

  1. Nelson says:

    The time I went for an early sunrise photo shoot, the location I chose was much less crowdy than it is at sunset. Sometine at sunset there are just too many photographers and bystanders and you cannot get all the angles you want … but the morning light is the morning light

  2. Bernieshoot says:

    What a great breakfast club, I love that time od the day, here in South Wesrt of France we still have summer time.
    Your sunset rise series is a really gorgeous one

  3. to remain in him says:

    I do not forget you if it happens to take a close shot. I think about you right away.
    Beautiful shots even if rival photographers all around there. 🙂

  4. I so love the way you link your images with song lyrics! Who can forget Simple Minds and The Breakfast Club! Wonderful! Is this Bronte or Bondi Dragon? I shall have to try and get a sunrise photo when I am in Dee Why next month – depends on how early the sun rises though 😉

  5. Waking up early is never easy. Good on your for getting out of bed and catching the sunrise. Stunning shots, very warm feeling I get from them. Hope you had a good breakfast after that, Dragon.

  6. Wonderful silhouette pics my dear Draco. This sunset pics are gorgeous. We can see that this photographers are warm wear, photographers are to be careful, 😉 certain situations are hard to photograph 😉
    Have a nice day 🙂

  7. great shots, woody dragon.
    i am lucky i do not have to contend with the early morning cold any time of the year where i am but somehow still find it challenging waking up early in the morning for a shoot. i would have thought there would be some camaraderie among photographers at moments like this, it doesn’t seem so from your text, perhaps everyone was too preoccupied with getting the shots in – reminds me of the saying ‘ like ships that pass in the night’.
    best regards,

  8. I totally understand the struggle of having to wake up so early, that’s why i usually just shoot sunsets…but there is something magical in that calmness and freshness of the morning…For me it would have been ruined by the other photographers though 😛 Your photos are great as always! But i have to wonder, did you make any photos without people in them?

  9. To wake up early in the morning and to meet the Sunrise, was probably the most worthwhile thing I made this summer. Amazing energy, feelings and colors. I’m glad you made the same… during the winter. Great shots!

  10. I really love these, they’re wonderful! 🙂 I do love silhouettes, and these have such a lovely colour to them. That’s really interesting how you can appreciate other people through an interest you all have in common, I can imagine that silence. Good to see the photographers in photography! 🙂

    And I understand that difficulty in waking up on early mornings, I’m the same! 😐 I could set six alarms and still manage to turn them all off repeatedly and get back to some kind of snatched sleep in between. If my body wants to sleep, it’s going to damn well sleep. I’m amazed at what I’ve learned to do in a half sleep mode – it’s shocking!!

    • Thanks. I guess there’s an automatic camaraderie in sharing a hobby or passion. But there’s a little jostling in getting a prime spot too. 🙂
      Yes, the best intentions can be made. The mind may be willing… Half sleep mode – yes, I know that place well. 🙂

  11. more color… more fantastic color… the clouds are surreal… the gradient of tone and color is superb, Lignum… I think its very interesting with the silhouettes…

    lately I have been getting for work when normal people usually go to sleep lol 🙂 that is, I don’t have problem getting up real early… problem is, I don’t have a view like this one 🙂 thanks for sharing a dreamlike dawn, Lignum…

    • Thank you Alex. Us dragons can be known to keep strange hours, but getting up early on a day off just seems too hard most of the time. 🙂
      The red dawn is something you would have enjoyed too. 🙂

  12. Every time i visit your blog, I smile and laugh. If I woke up to that kind of dawn, I would never hit the snooze button, ever. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the heavens!

    • I’m an expert at hitting snooze, without even opening my eyes. But I’m glad I got up early for that morning. And the eggs benedict afterwards topped off a good morning. 🙂

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