Vivid 2015 06

Sydney May 2015 (9 photos). This is part 2 of 9 of my VIVID Sydney 2015 series.

The annual VIVID Sydney festival is now in its final week. More than 60 light art installations have popped up around the city. Approaching from the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way towards the prime viewing spots for the Sydney Opera House, we enter the Walsh Bay area where several of the displays are.

Vivid 2015 07

HARBOUR WAVE by Andre Kecskes is a massive, curved, transparent wave installation, crested with rows of coloured lights, that ‘breaks’ across a wharf at Walsh Bay. While the form was inspired by the destructive might and power of tsunamis, the artwork’s deeper meaning relates to the psychology of dreams.

Vivid 2015 05

In the background is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The interactive lighting by 32 Hundred Lighting uses 100,000 individually programmed low-energy LED lights in 1,600 LED tubes to paint the Bridge in an array of colours, movements and effects, according to the whims of the public at various control booths.

Vivid 2015 08

Luminous Canopy by McDermott/Baxter creates dynamic patterns, textures and forms in response to changes in the wind. As participants pass underneath, they hear tones from a natural soundscape and, looking up, see colour and changing surface patterns linked to the movements of the breeze.

Vivid 2015 09

Tumbleweed by Light Atelier explores the emotions involved in the design process. The artist uses the abstracted form of a tumbleweed to symbolise the emotional tumult that designers experience as they undertake their work. The structure comprises a circular base hosting a cacophony of linear extrusions which when viewed from different perspectives reveal words that were previously concealed. ‘Imagine’, ‘inspire’, dream’, ‘achieve’, ‘hope’, ‘fear’ and many other words make an appearance. The words are coloured white for positive and red for negative emotions.

Vivid 2015 10

Continuing under the Harbour Bridge, the sight is akin to an amusement park. We encounter more installations.

Vivid 2015 11

Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Shehata and Erin Slaviero, creates portals of infinite space by manipulating perspective with light and mirrors, merging the ideas of an infinity mirror and an infinity room. To create the dynamic visual of a ‘kaleidoscope’ through the infinity space, the artist incorporated four elements: the viewer’s submersion into the blackness of a shipping container; mirrored, slanted walls forming a triangular room; inter-reflections between the room and the viewer; and backlit, dichroic 3D screens in the floor and ceiling.

Vivid 2015 12

Beat by Arup Singapore Pte Ltd comprises a series of large translucent shapes that emit an intense pulsating light display when touched, timed to the rhythm of the human heart. The objects increase the intensity of their pulse to keep pace with the individual’s own cardiac rhythm. Sensors housed inside the objects detect a human pulse through the fingertip and trigger the LED to replicate the participant’s heartbeat with a pulsating light.

Vivid 2015 13

Arclight by Studio workshop and Matsys is an architecturally designed, environmentally inspired structure that echoes the native mangroves of Australia’s waterways. Through its complex geometry and architectural form, Arclight creates a dense thicket of clustered synthetic branch structures which incorporate interactive lighting technology programmed to interpret environmental conditions. Arclight creates an immersive atmosphere of sculptural, bio-inspired forms that is intensified with LED lights programmed to interpret ambient and environmental phenomena (such as temperature, wind speed, and humidity), which are sensed and expressed via patterns and colours emitted by LED cells.

Our journey towards the Sydney Opera House continues in the next post.

This is part 2 of my 9 part VIVID Sydney 2015 series.

All my photography from this and previous years of VIVID Sydney can be found here.

Photography Etcetera, Sony Etcetera

VIVID Randomness 2015 (2)


56 thoughts on “VIVID Randomness 2015 (2)

  1. What absolute life-enhancing fun, Draco. Especially like Kaleidoscope. But then what’s not to like about dancing lights however they come (possibly excluding the advent of extra-terrestrials that is)

  2. Amazing captures. Very nice work keeping all the people’s faces shrouded. The Beat installation sounds fascinating. I suppose if you had a fast heartbeat and touched one of the bobs it would flash at a crazy speed… Hope you had a go, Dragon 🙂

  3. Just phenomenal! Thank you for taking time to give the background information of each theme. Night lights are incredibly difficult to capture, these photos are remarkably beautiful. I don’t always believe it’s the camera when I see a cool photo. It’s the photographer. Thank you, Dragon!

  4. Beautiful photos LD, the kaleidoscope I found stunning and most visually pleasing from “sitting on the couch” point of view. Thanks for sharing something I would dearly love to get to….maybe next year 🙂

  5. So interesting to read about all the technologies implemented into the light shows! 😀 Correct me if i’m wrong but is this year a tad darker or is it just my idea? Anyway, keep the awesome photos coming! 😀

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