Dance 3

Sydney December 2015 (9 photos)

“Mystery. Magic. Music. Markets.” This was the slogan for a new festival, The Rocks Village Bizarre that I discovered in Sydney last year.  A combination of street fair and night market, with a twist of the unexpected, the Village Bizarre presented quirky street performances in unusual places, street food vendors and markets selling handmade objects on summery friday nights in November and December. Mystery and quirk lurked around every corner.

I managed to photograph some of the performers before it got dark.

Dance 2

Kush Cabaret’s Bohemia was performed in a giant picture frame. The three “figurines” within created luxurious musical scenes of decadence and reverie to witness– a boudoir, a music box, a harem room…

Dance featured in most of the performances this evening.

Dance 1

Roll up, roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour!
Step right this way!

Roll up
(That’s an invitation)
Roll up for the Mystery Tour
Roll up
(To make a reservation)
Roll up for the Mystery Tour

Bizarre 1

Airborne: Four characters in pressurised suits found themselves in a bizarre new place, and began to explore their new environment. In their wake they created a giant inflatable being. Two storeys tall, it danced with the harbour breeze, influenced equally by their movements and the surrounding elements of the world.

Bizarre 3

Bizarre 4

The Magical Mystery Tour
Is waiting to take you away
Waiting to take you away
Take you away…

Through the windows: Selected shopfronts became the stage for a range of local and international performers…

Bizarre 6

Melanie Palomares at the Ugg store provided some dramatic art.

Bizarre 7

Cloe Fournier at Joe Bananas improvised to the crowd.

Bizarre 8

Miss Ladyko at Deadly Companions danced up a storm.

Over at The Weekly Photo challenge, the topic is Dance. I think I have that covered. 🙂

Magical Mystery Tour is a record by the Beatles that was released as a double EP in the United Kingdom and an LP in the United States. Produced by George Martin, both versions included the six-song soundtrack to the 1967 film of the same name.

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Magical Mystery Tour


74 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. What a fun event to cover. I liked the messages written on the sticky notes and placed in the window. It was as if the artist was inviting the watcher to realize they’d become part of the exhibit by watching it.

  2. …in a giant picture frame, Wow!! The third photo is like a framed painting, beautiful!
    The last one is pretty perky! 🙂 What a treat to view this Mystery. Magic. Music post.
    Thank you for the tour, Dragon! 🙂

  3. I’m so sad that I missed The Rocks Village Bizarre last year, but your photos (as always) make me feel like I was there. I really like the harem/belly dancers. However, Miss Ladyko is definitely the favourite XD

    • Thanks. I only found out about it 2 weeks before it ended. Those window performances lasted for about 20 minutes or so. Imagine dancing for that long in a shop window. 🙂 Almost created a traffic jam with all those passing cars slowing to look on a Friday evening. 🙂

  4. Well, shop windows should be like this all the time!! 😀 I always find shop window dressing a bit of bore, but get someone performing in the window – how could anyone not look?! Beautiful colourful pictures, you make it very inviting!

    I’m watching you watching me…haha…that’s a good for you! Do you think she was waiting for you?

  5. kaleidoscopeofdreamsblog says:

    Your life seems super amazing. If you couldn’t tell, I’m extremely jealous. Another amazing post

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