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purple rain 1

Sydney, 22 April 2016 (5 photos)

Why is this fireman looking so serious?

Reading the news, perhaps?

Maybe it’s an unfavourable weather forecast?

purple rain 2

All of the above?

purple rain 3

The first two photos are abstracts of the original. Both say something, but they say it much better together. Context is important here.

purple rain 4

These photos are from last Friday. I was in the suburb of Newtown. In almost every store I went into, Prince’s music was playing. A nice way to celebrate his life. The guy at the ice cream store was even dancing and twirling whilst scooping ice cream into my cup to the sound of Kiss, by Prince. I thought I was in a music video.

The sign board outside the Newtown Fire and Rescue Brigade is an interesting thing. Mostly the daily message is about issues relating to fire safety. But the guys and girls here are quite “progressive” and don’t mind getting topical or humorous. Following is a glimpse of their sign from their Instagram feed:

purple rain 5

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Purple Rain


75 thoughts on “Purple Rain

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Prince by the Newtown Fire Brigade, and the area too. It sounds like they are all about celebrating the music icon, and I’m guessing your ice-cream tasted a little bit more sweeter that day πŸ™‚

  2. That’s wonderful and poignant that a lot of the stores were playing Prince songs. And I love the fire station messages. I’m sure that injection of humour goes some way toward community bonding.

  3. It says so much better together! Thank you for giving us a lesson about context. A few words on the sign board can touch your heart. Cool post, Dragon. πŸ™‚

  4. sembra che i grandi musicisti in questi uktimi tempi abbiano tutti un appuntamento molto importamte in cielo da rispettare, ma la loro pioggia colorata di musica e sogni continuerΓ  ancora a cadere da lassΓΉ
    hai avuto una dolcissima e molto originale ispirazione per celebrare il Principi

  5. That is great!!!! I find similar things when we go to the States, …This Xmas we saw many roads with the signal ” Trust the force…But always buckle up”… (I have been trying to post here the pic but it did not work)
    I have never seen something like that in Spain.,… Seems to be our authorities have not humor.. πŸ˜‰
    Good week!!!

  6. Gracefully Global says:

    Oh love this! Good photography lesson, great portrait of this slice of life from the neighborhood, and so relatable with the Prince reference. Makes me wish I had been out more these days to hear the Prince playing…:)

  7. They’ve got quite a sense of humour going on in that fire station! πŸ˜€ That’s a very iconic phrase about Purple Rain, could be one of those pictures that becomes fascination in years to come. Good capture! πŸ™‚

  8. What a fantastic post and what a wonderful fire station! Is this a case of only in Sydney, and only in Newtown?
    love the Purple Rain sign and Prince tribute, love the Mardi Gras signs and the guys outside dressed in their teeshirts……

    what a great fire station and what a great post!

    Thanks, Draco πŸ™‚

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