Abstractions of Art 1


Sydney/Melbourne June 2013 – April 2016 (8 photos)

Abstractions of Art 2


The sculpture, β€œForever Bicycles 2015” by Chinese artist Ai weiwei was on display at the National Gallery of Victoria recently. A major new installation designed specifically for the National Gallery of Victoria, it was composed from over 1500 bicycles, and was installed as part of the Andy Warhol & Ai Weiwei exhibition. The sculpture was based on the Forever bicycle, a popular brand that has been mass-produced in China since the 1940s and gave many Chinese a sense of freedom and autonomy. When Ai Weiwei was growing up, a Forever Bicycle was a luxury to him. One bike symbolised the freedom to move. The brand itself meant status.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Many artists find their inspiration in their daily lives. In things that we see daily, that we may perceive as commonplace but seen in a different, more abstract way.

What motivates you to create?

Or do obstacles get in your way?

Abstractions of Art 3

“You’ve got stuck in a moment…”

Life imitating Art 2

“… and now you can’t get out of it.”

Quotidianity “The Brothers” (2013), by Fabio Pietrantonio. A sculpture based on the observations of the artist’s own children.

the swimmer

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.”

Abstractions of Art 6

“Instead you relax, and float.”

…Alan Watts

The Water Wall at the National Gallery of Victoria. The Gallery was founded in 1861 and is Australia’s oldest, largest and most visited art museum.

Abstractions of Art 7

“Peeling Paint”

Abstractions of Art 8

Abstraction of Confusion 2016, by Taro Shinoda.

Japanese artist Taro Shinoda engages in a highly conceptual and experimental artistic practice that traverses video, sculpture, installation, performance, painting and photography. His hand-built installations and contemplative sculptural works are informed by karesansui, traditional Japanese garden design and creation, and the associated philosophical concepts and Zen ideology, particularly the writings of Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki. Shinoda perceives nature as an evolving and inclusive entity, coexisting alongside human activities. His works possess an intrinsic meditative simplicity and beauty, reflecting a deep consideration of nature, humanity, philosophy and science.

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Abstractions of Art


69 thoughts on “Abstractions of Art

  1. macgorman says:

    Creating is a bliss in itself, kudos for all creators healing the human condition with their “joie de vivre”!

  2. “You’ve got stuck in a moment…and now you can’t get out of it”. Love that lyric, love that U2 song. Very apt for the times when we are immersed in finding inspiration. Love the shot of the minder looking out for mischief around those bicycles and the gallery. I’m looking forward to checking out Whistler’s Mother at the NGV at some point πŸ™‚

    • Thanks. People with their heads stuck over their phones certainly look like they’re stuck in a moment they can’t get out of.

      Hope you do see Whistler’s Mother. It sounds like an interesting exhibition.

  3. Awesome photos ! I’m glad to have a second opportunity of seeing “forever bicycles 2015” which impressed me a lot..
    Each one of these takes has a magical touch, thanks for this share!

    • Very true, a very bleak world if that were the case.

      The man was one of the Gallery Attendants. He liked “peering and peeking” around whereas others paced around. They all have their different nuances.

  4. You are taking the abstract to a new level here. Ai weiwei is a genius! His Forever Bicycles sculpture is massive, yet aesthetic. His message for freedom is strong, yet so moving… This is an awesome image for this sculpture. I’ve learned to appreciate his work through you posts. Thank you so much, Dragon. πŸ™‚
    Btw, I’m supporting the “World Bicycle Relief”. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Amy. This sculpture was amazing and I just loved seeing it. It’s had an effect on you and you’re only seeing it in photos. That is the power of good Art. It sings.
      I hope you get to see the exhibition at some stage. It is well worth the price of admission.

      That’s a great charity. Mobility is freedom.

  5. Thank you for sharing again I love those bikes and I imagine walking round them. Just read that Ai weiwei wanted to buy 10 million lego bricks for an installation for the Australia exhibit. They refused to sell them at the time (2013) saying they would be used for propaganda. They now say that was a mistake and now anyone can buy them as long as they put a notice up saying lego is not condoning whatever message is being said.

  6. What a fantastic series you’ve posted here! I like each one for their unique story, and I do love the “Forever Bicycles” abstract. All very inspiring.

  7. Ahh I remember the bicycles picture. I liked it then and now. The peeling paint installation is really curious and interesting. I love the textures. I just wouldn’t have thought to make it into art.

    • Thank you.

      The last one was inspired by the artist’s time in Arnhem Land which him to create what he describes as a space of stillness and reflection where visitors can contemplate the broader meaning of spirituality. It is created using white clay and red ochre.

  8. I still can’t get over just how many bicycles are stuck together in that sculpture – awesome!! And capturing the man in the middle makes the picture quite perfect. If it was me, I’d wait until everyone cleared out of the way! But I can see some images are more balanced, and perhaps of more interest with random people present.

    I don’t know exactly what inspires me – anything really. Pictures have a good effect, sometimes an animated gif, and also watching music videos I find all help me to write. When it comes to taking pictures, it’s whatever is in front of me – hopefully it will turn out good. πŸ™‚

    • Like photographing landscapes, photographing art often benefits from having a human interest in it, so that’s why I like to catch people in the shots, but it doesn’t always work.

      I think inspiration mostly just comes along when you least expect it.

  9. wonderful parallels πŸ™‚

    I look like the first guy on the bike after a few minutes at the gym lol πŸ™‚ not worthy of an arts work, except maybe some comics scetches lol πŸ˜€ (here’s an idea for future parallels, don’t thank me :)))

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