The blue trees 2

Sydney March 2016 (5 photos)

The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that draws attention to global deforestation by turning living trees bright blue, demanding we notice them before the Earth’s old forests are gone for good.

The blue trees 1

Using a biologically safe, water-based colourant, artist Konstantin Dimopoulos transformed these trees in Pirrama Park with the assistance of volunteers from the local community to create The Blue Trees in Sydney for the first time.

The blue trees 3

Konstantin Dimopoulos is an Egyptian born, New Zealand raised, Melbourne based artist who has created The Blue Trees in locations including: outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London, around the USA and in Canada.

The blue trees 4

Of the project, he says:

“I have always known that art is, and has always been, an extended part of nature and that art can effect social change. For that to happen, one has to move out of the art institutions and galleries and move outside among nature and people in their living spaces.”

The blue trees 5


This Art installation is now ended. The water soluble paint washed away very quickly with the rains.

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The Blue Trees


87 thoughts on “The Blue Trees

  1. I haven’t heard of this art installation so found it very interesting, I love your great photos! I’m off to Sydney soon so will keep an eye out.

  2. Blue trees
    Sydney’s got blue trees
    Like a deep blue sea
    On a blue blue day
    Blue trees
    Sydney’s got blue trees
    When the morning comes
    I’ll be far away
    And I say

    Blue trees
    Holding back the tears
    Holding back the pain
    Sydney’s got blue trees
    And she’s alone again

    • Part of it was that he got volunteers from the local community to help paint the trees. I suppose it reinforces the message for the volunteers. The blue is shocking but you get used to it after a while. It’s an interesting art form.

  3. A city that just keeps on giving you photo opps! I have seen these before posted by someone in Seattle. They do look extraordinary with the bright blue trunks.

  4. molto surreale e chiassosa come installazione, sinceramente preferisco i colori naturali, ma ringrazio perch茅 ti ha dato modo di fare un eccellente reportages
    felice giorno

  5. Argh! So sad I missed this art installation. It looks so amazing! And a great message too. Brilliant photography as always Draco 馃檪

  6. my internet connection died while writing, so I’m not sure if my comment was saved, so I’m writing it again:

    so super cool… at first glance I thought these looked like octopuses, then I thought this is what aliens must look like… alien octopuses? hm….. it’s a brilliant and thought-provoking (obviously lol) way to attract attention 馃檪 thanks for sharing…

  7. Amazing!! 馃檪 So my primary school teachers were wrong, there are blue trees after all!! 馃槈 When I first saw these I thought you’d altered the colour! That must have been quite a job painting those tree trunks blue. I wonder what colour the grass was after the rain? 馃榾 I love the last one with the sparkly sunlight, very attractive!

    • LOL. I can imagine you drawing blue trees and pink trees in school. 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪

      It was quite a sight to see. An interesting thought about the grass after the rain. Sadly, I don’t know the answer. Very kind of that family to sit right in front of me and start blowing bubbles. 馃檪

  8. I have missed so much from your recent work as I was almost away from WP for a long time.Masterful your photos and the theme,the Greek-Australian artist,K.Dimopoulos,always does influencial Art with great nature awareness.

  9. I actually couldn’t believe the first photographs were real. The color is so vibrant, and I love how the green becomes more striking. It’s a shame that the planet is dying and for most people, it’s an afterthought in their daily lives. What a beautiful reminder to remember the trees and nature.

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