“I’m not lazy…”

Sydney March – May 2016 (5 photos)

Round and round
Up and down
Through the streets of your town

I made my way
Through the streets of your town


“A woman of the world”

“Streets Of Your Town” is a song by Australian indie group The Go-Betweens, a single from their 1988 album, 16 Lovers Lane. This was one of the band’s most recognised songs and was the closest the group had to a mainstream hit.


“You better stay away from Copperhead Road”

In this case, “your town” happens to be “my town”, Sydney. All these photos were taken on the streets of Sydney this year.



In case you’re wondering, all these shots were taken whilst I walked directly at my subject and from close up. As much as possible, I try to take my street shots from right in front of someone. I enjoy the authenticity and emotion a true candid and un-posed facial expression gives to a street shot. As if you are there, feeling the moment, wondering what that person is thinking.

Some of these shots have been straightened but they are not otherwise cropped. I think of this as 50mm prime lens goodness.


“Danny Lim – local legend”

If you want to know more, just google his name.

Leica Etcetera, Photography Etcetera

On the streets of your town


41 thoughts on “On the streets of your town

  1. Very well done shots. Can’t tell which ones have been straightened. Like a pro. I mean, you are a pro πŸ˜‰ I googled Danny Lim. He does seem quite the peace activist. Would be lovely to see his work if I swing by Sydney sometime.

  2. Mjollnir MacAlba says:

    Great photos as always Woody and a nice bit of music (do you think they want to be The Church when they grow up?) πŸ™‚

  3. nelle strade passa l’intero mondo, e in quelle delle grandi cittΓ  forse passa l’universo intero, a chi sa raccogliere sguardi come spighe di grano raccoglie messe di emozioni e di pensieri
    questo Γ¨ un grande fotografo
    tu lo sei

  4. Cool song goes perfectly with your cool street shots. Your street shots sure is different from others.
    You “walk directly at my subject and from close up”, Frightening.

  5. Great shots and great music Draco – brings back the old days – Go Betweens indeed – Im a Brissie girl. I see someone is comparing them to the Church – now there’s your challenge – I’m looking forward to your new post which quotes the Church songs – preferable Unguarded Moment. okay?

    …. come to think of it, all your posts could be captured ‘unguarded moment’ – with your in-their-faces street shots. i dont know how you do it, personally – i think its great you do, but i would never have the gumption to point and shoot at perfect strangers!

    • Thank you. “The old days”, now you’re making me feel old. πŸ™‚

      I’ve already answered your challenge. One of my recent posts “Under the Milky Way” featured The Church’s song and lyrics of the same name. πŸ˜‰

      A few years ago, I could never have pointed a camera at a stranger. It just evolved from experimentation.

      • πŸ™‚ OH, i remember reading that and being so impressed by all those incredible STAR shots!!! how did i miss The Church reference… sigh….
        oh well, you’ve still got Unguarded Moments. I’ll be waiting.
        is it just me, or were those ‘old’ songs totally wonderful? πŸ™‚

  6. Love the sandwich board man…haha!! πŸ˜€ Yes, good message, if anyone is paying attention. But so many are still texting, never mind sexting on phones. I see drivers on their phones in my road when the traffic gets in a bit of a queue – out comes the phone, no longer looking at what’s happening ahead. Perhaps easy for me to say, I’m not a driver. But makes me wary as a pedestrian crossing roads, are those drivers seeing me cross in front of their waiting car – or too busy sex.. text… texting… whatever?!!

    I looked Danny Lim up, he reminds me a little of the Mr Happy man I shared on my blog a while back, but with a slightly different message. I love characters like that, very good you got to capture him! Wish there were more people like that where I live. Some of the Norwich street celebs are comical, but not something to be proud of. :o/

    • Texting whilst driving is actually illegal here, but that doesn’t necessarily stop people from doing it. A silly thing to not concentrate on the road ahead when you’re the driver.

      I’ve seen Danny a few times and he’s always so happy. Sometimes I see him plead with people to come and take selfies with him. He just loves to make people smile. He has a whole range of different sandwich boards.

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