Singapore November-December 2016 (9 photos)

I thought I’d take a momentary pause from my posts about Cambodia, and move down and across on the map to Singapore.

Many people would recognise the Marina Bay development, above. It wasn’t there when I last visited Singapore. It’s a symbol of Singapore’s progress and march into the future. There’s an observation deck up the top on the left, next to the infinity swimming pool. For hotel guests only.

C’est la vie

But for me, the Chinatown District of Singapore is an oasis, amidst the hustle and bustle of Singapore. Another world almost.

It has a different pace of life.

Time almost stands still in the heat and the humidity.

Here, you’ll find the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. An active Buddhist temple and museum.

People come here to pray.

And worship.

Maybe even make a wish.

It’s a nice respite in the centre of the metropolis.

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67 thoughts on “Chinatown

    • It’s an amazing place. I did seek refuge in the shops for the air conditioning. What a shopping mecca!!! And that’s saying a lot when shops are everywhere in Singapore.

  1. Ah, Singapore. It is amazing to see how fast Marina Bay has developed in less than decade. It certainly is a tourist attraction, and I get the feeling locals are also proud of Gardens by the Bay. I’m used to seeing it all in colour, but your BW composition collection of images here brings out the serenity within the island city 🙂

    • Yes, the Gardens by the Bay is very popular. I went on a Sunday afternoon/evening and it was crowded. Lightshows every night in the Gardens and at Marina Bay are free and popular.

      The colours of Chinatown and Little India are almost too vivid. That’s why I removed the colour to concentrate on the people. 🙂

    • A few of the older Chinese congregate there to do nothing. It makes for great street photography. 🙂

      Everywhere is so far from Australia. When appropriate I generally use Singapore as my stopover hub to break up my journeys.

  2. Goodness- sleeping standing up almost seems a luxury compared to that! 🙂 Magnificent captures of real life, Draco. It’s a place that holds a fascination for me but that I’ll never see in person. The air pollution thing doesn’t appeal though. Much evidence of that?

  3. sembrano tutti molto impegnati a dormire e che si possa prendere la vita con molta flemma….hai saputo farci percepire come sia la vita in questa enclave ( come tu la definisci, sei un grande ed attento viaggiatore

    • Thank you. I noticed the humidity as soon as I stepped off the plane onto the gangway. No wonder there are so many shopping centres you can wander into to get some air conditioning.

  4. Lovely images LD. Singapore is such a futuristic city – it’s been a while since I stopped over there, maybe I’m due another visit. I like your image of the people sitting with those huge doors behind them, and the close up of the incense ‘pot’ (not sure what it is called).

  5. I really enjoyed a look at a part of Singapore not usually the subject of photos. I admire the ability to sleep anywhere! It’s one I don’t posses, but my husband does. 🙂


    • Thanks, Lisa. One day you’ll have to break out of Changi and see a bit more of Singapore. Even if it’s only for the food. Singapore is a foodie haven. Eating is the national sport according to a speaker from Singapore I heard at a conference once. I had a list of places I had to eat at and achieved my goal. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Dragon for the tour of Singapore Chinatown. Great photos of this part of the city. I have not visited Singapore, it looks very clean. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Julie. I stood near the incense pot for a while. Plenty of people came by. It’s a very interesting temple to visit.

      That was my first time in Singapore for several years. I had a new list of places to eat at, and got to most of them using a 4 meal a day strategy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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