“Señora from Trinidad”

This is my last post for 2017.

Trinidad Cuba October 2017 (17 photos)

This is part 7 of my Cuba 2017 photo series. This is also the last part of my dedicated Trinidad Tales series.

Initially I photographed this lady from the street as she was standing in her doorway. Then I walked up and asked to take her portrait from about 1 metre away. She was very approachable.

“Forever happy”

That’s the message on the young girl’s t-shirt.

“My mojito in La Bodeguita. My daiquiri in El Floridita.”

The above is a quote attributed to Ernest Hemingway who is still celebrated in Cuba. He was referring to his favourite drinks at his favourite bars in Havana. I didn’t go to either. The prices were bound to be marked up there from the CUC$2-3 I was used to paying. This is a branch of El Floridita in Trinidad.

“Downtown Trinidad”

“Uptown Trinidad”

The cobblestone roads are generally a sign you’re nearer the main hill and the colonial part of Trinidad.

I found a casa with a tower. I paid my $1 entrance fee and ascended the stairs. Only 3 flights up offered magnificent views as most of the buildings in Trinidad are single storey only. Above is the view west. Below is the view south with a glimpse of the Caribbean Sea.

“Trinidad cowboy”

A National Geographic style photo, I think. I was taking a photo of the horses when this cheeky guy just came and stood there in front of my camera, looking off into the distance. After a while he turned his head in profile to me, gazing off into the distance on the left. I got that photo as well. I guess he really wanted to be photographed. I gave him a smile and a thumbs up as I walked away.

“Colourful Trinidad”

I stood here for a couple of minutes photographing. He stood at his doorway for the entire time, occasionally giving me a look.

“Revolutionary Cuba”

A painting on a wall in the revolutionary school I showed you in Trinidad Tales (1).

“A heart that always beats from America”

That’s my understanding of the article title from this newspaper clipping I saw on the street.

Heading south from Trinidad for the coast, I passed through the outskirts of a small town named Casilda.

The old Russian style architecture stood out.

As did this guy and his dog staring right back at me.

An old car which has seen better days. As you can imagine, spare parts are difficult to find and a lot of improvisation goes in to keep these old cars running.

Señor sitting on abandoned train tracks.

I simply walked up to him and asked to take his photo. He simply looked straight into my camera and didn’t move.

Eventually I made it to the coast and the Playa Ancon region. There I met the serene waters of the Caribbean Sea. Just off to the right of this photo, over the horizon, would have been Montego Bay in Jamaica. Further to the right, the Cayman Islands.

And so the sun set on my time in Trinidad.

It’s now time to move on to other parts of Cuba in the next posts, but that won’t be till next year.

As long term followers will know, I usually stop blogging in December and don’t resume again until February or March. I see this is only my 40th post for this year. I might start up again in mid January next year and space my posts out a bit more.

Watch this space.

This is part 7 of my Cuba 2017 photo series.

Click here for part 1 of my Cuba 2017 photo series, as featured on WordPress’ discovery site.

This is part 7 of my photo series of my 2017 trip to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada.

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Trinidad Tales (4)


89 thoughts on “Trinidad Tales (4)

  1. Sigh… Just when I’d got used to your posts popping up in my Reader, off you go again! I guess I am going to have to wait a while before you take me to Mexico, the USA and Canada, but as the saying goes “the best things in life are worth waiting for”. Enjoy the silly season LD. I’m keeping my head down until it all goes away 😀

    • Yes, I freely admit I’m not the most florid or regular blogger around, but that’s the way it goes. Back with more from Cuba in January, and perhaps I’ll intersperse posts from those other countries along the way. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Jude. I’m hoping for a quiet period as well.

  2. What a land of contrasts! I enjoyed seeing all the horses. 🙂 Thanks for taking me there. Enjoy your time off. I’ll probably take a break when our daughters get home. No point in spending all the time on the computer when family is here. A very merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours, Lignum, and the best year ever in 2018.


    • Thank you very much, Janet. My sentiments exactly. Time passes quickly so don’t waste the time you have with your family and friends at this time of the year. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Janet.

  3. Love the cheeky cowboy. So funny when people practically demand to have their photo taken. That happened to me in Moldova and Belarus. Have a wonderful holiday break. See you in 2018!

    • I know. I was laughing on the inside but he did add a nice character to my photos so I was happy. Have a peaceful and happy break, too. See you in 2018 – literally, perhaps. 😉

  4. Happy Holidays, LD. Thanks for all wonderful photos in 2017. Every time a notification of your new post showed up in my email, I felt happy for that day 😉 Looking forward to reading your next post. (Do dragons hibernate?)
    Have a great day?

  5. I have really enjoyed seeing your photographs from Cuba. The colors are amazing and your portraits of the people are both striking and touching at the same time. Thank your for the virtual tour. Best wishes to you for the holidays, Draco!

  6. Another awesome series, Dragon. It has been a treat to tour Trinidad with you, and mostly seeing this city, culture, people, via your lens.
    Have a wonderful holidays! After this major trip and four, five other trips this year, you do need “a quiet period of time”. 🙂 I will use your break time to enjoy you travel posts all over again. 🙂
    Thank you, Dragon!

  7. More fantastic photos, Lignum! That beach is so beautiful and so inviting! I hope you have a wonderful break. We’ll be looking forward to your return! Sending wishes for a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😀

    • Thanks, Linda. The Caribbean Sea is an evocative location. I’m glad the closest I came to seeing a pirate in the Caribbean was by drinking the local beer, Bucanero. 🙂
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. Lovely finish to the post with them coastal shots. Another great round of street photography. Did you ever ask what they are thinking as you pass by? They do seem to be in a world of their own. Enjoy the rest of the year and looking forward to next year’s posts 😊

    • Thanks, Mabel. My initial greeting was always in Spanish. To ask someone in Spanish what they are thinking and to get a reply, was far beyond my language skill set. LOL 🙂 Having set that, the most common question I got from Cubans was “Where are you from?” After replying Australia, almost everyone would talk about Kangaroos! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas break.

  9. I have so enjoyed travelling around with you LD in this fascinating country. I really wonder about the stories in each photo and the lives of all the characters you interact with. I guess all things come to an end. Now I will wait till next year for the next episode of your Cuba journey. Hope your Christmas is a happy and relaxed one, see you next year…

    • Cuba is so different to anywhere else in the world. I can’t truly appreciate the hardships of daily life they endure because of the US embargo and then the collapse of the Soviet Union (their main/only trading partner). Yet the human spirit survives.
      Eventually, the posts will return to Havana. That is a hotpot of photographic delights of itself.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

      • Looking in from the outside it is hard to imagine the every day hardships. Yet they seem to be amazingly adaptable. I’m sure they must find life hard yet they greet you and are happy to share their time with you and your camera. Looking forward to more of Havana

  10. Excellent post to finish 2017. Thank you for your fabulous posts. I love reading/viewing them. Love the ‘make model’ cowboy in this post. Merry Christmas. I leave for Africa tomorrow so guess there will be some posts in my adventures soon. So excited!! Regards Sue

  11. This is such a great series! Loved the photos and the stories behind them. You must have great people skills to pull this off, to capture people so well while overcoming cultural barriers… Congrats, you rock!

  12. Fantastic photos. I’m looking forward to returning to your blog and open it like a book to travel, where you’ve been. Love them all and how you tell us about each one of them. I felt I was there watching you take the picture. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. Your exquisite photography added extra colour to the “Colourful Trinidad” and the introductory portrait of the woman spoke best to my heart,Draco.Happy Holiday Season.My best wishes to you & your loved ones for a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year filled with Love,Peace & Health 🙂

  14. Today in my WordPress wanderings I thought, I haven’t seen Draco around in awhile; so I sought you out. And as usual, you have a show-stopping series here for me to gorge on. I will enjoy the previous posts, but for now I took in this final in the series and loved every photo, every tale. Loved hearing about the cheeky cowboy, loved seeing the overview landscapes, and especially the people photos. My favorite is the one of the man and his dog looking at you from their dwelling. The dog is standing there just as if he is a human! Fantastic visit here, Draco, thanks so much.

    • Thank you very much, Jet. I was away for over a month visiting Cuba and North america. Cuba is a fascinating country, the people so friendly. And that dog standing at the window was something else! 🙂

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