The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaanse Schans). May 2018. (9 photos)

This is Part 1 of my Netherlands 2018 photo series, and also Part 4 of my Europe 2018 photo series.

After a few days in Prague I caught a plane for Amsterdam, a 95 minute flight. I spent the long weekend there arriving on a Friday. I spent Saturday wandering Amsterdam. On Sunday I caught the train to Haarlem and on the public holiday Monday I caught the train out to Zaanse Schans.

Here are some photos from my time in the Netherlands. It’s all Dutch to me.

A friend of mine sent me a message to be careful about falling into a canal. I replied I was more scared about being run down by a bicycle. My concern was not unfounded. There are so many of them and they seem to stop for no-one; pedestrian or car.

I heard varying estimates about the number of bicycles in Amsterdam. They ranged from 850,000 to over 1 million.

Catching a train is simple in The Netherlands, so day trips were easy.

Molen De Adriaan, Haarlem

Zaanse Schans

Het Jonge Schaap

And I also enjoyed just wandering around Amsterdam at all hours.


This is Part 1 of my Netherlands 2018 photo series.
This is Part 4 of my Europe 2018 photo series, including Czechia (The Czech Republic), The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Greece and Germany.

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It’s all Dutch to me (1)


72 thoughts on “It’s all Dutch to me (1)

  1. The first two are stunning! You’ll have to get them framed, or include them in your 2019 calendar (this year’s Christmas gift to family and friends). I can’t wait to see more.

  2. Your photography is always wonderful but I particularly loved this post! The water reflections and barges are really lovely, but most of all I was drawn like a magnet to the windmill with orange and white sails and couldn’t take my eyes off it! So gorgeous! Does it power a sawmill?

  3. What a beautiful place. Although I don’t think I have ever seen so many bicycles, ever, in my life! I imagine it keeps them pretty healthy! Love all these but especially the windmills and the night shot! πŸ™‚

    • I think it’s a rather flat country, but all that exercise can only be good for you. That bicycle parking station was gigantic.
      Thanks very much. It all looks so peaceful when those canals are still.

  4. So happy to see these beautiful photos, they get me excited for my upcoming trip. Hope to see windmills. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the wonderful tour, Dragon!

    • Thank you very much, Amy. So you are going! Yes, Holland is windmills to many people, and they’re easy enough to find and in each reach from Amsterdam. The trains are very efficient.

  5. I remember those same views from my short visit to Amsterdam. Lovely to see the photos of the surrounding towns. Most people linger in Amsterdam rather than venturing out.

    • It would have been very easy to stay in Amsterdam with so many museums there. But I was deliberately limiting museum time, partly because visiting museums actually separates you from the city and stops you experiencing the city (if that makes sense). Plus I particularly wanted to get out to see windmills. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. You’re right. I thought I was walking along streets with no bicycle traffic, then all of sudden that familiar “ding ding” sound. I was also very careful not to bump any parked bicycles when stopping to take photos. They were all parked so tightly. It would have been a massive chain reaction if I pushed one over. LOL

      • Imagine that if you pushed one bicycle over and all of them fell…would be quite a sight but I am sure you will be able to put them back right up πŸ˜€ Hope you didn’t encounter aggressive cyclists over there. They seem quite common here in Melbourne.

  6. Beautiful all your photos,loved the bright colours and the reflections of the canal.I visited Amsterdam some years ago while holidaying in UK,it was middle of August.Thank you for your beautiful recent posts,I do so much enjoyed them.

  7. Stunning photos as usual LD. Love the first and the last. I also love windmills and have a black and white photo framed on my wall, taken by my daughter many years ago in Holland. Looks as though you had an amazing trip! Now wondering where you are taking us next… London? You seem to be heading north.

    • Thank you very much, Jude. It was great to see some of these windmills still in active use. They have a love olde world charm about them. The journey continues, but there was no stepping onto British soil on this trip.

  8. 😍You have captured this city of canals and bicycles so beautifully. I started my sailing circumnavigation from there in July of 2012 but sadly was not carrying a camera with me at the time so only have my memories of the place. And now I have your magnificent imagery!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I occasionally consider going back to places where I didn’t have a camera with me, but the memories linger anyway so it’s not necessary unless there is a strong other reason to go.

    • Thank you very much, Lisa. They say that Amsterdam is the Venice of the North, but I found it uniquely beautiful in its own right. Quite different in character.
      Have a lovely week ahead.

  9. LB says:

    Oh another fabulous place to visit!
    I’m sure that I’ve missed alot in the past few months … it’s nice to be back and visiting blogs tonight

    • I didn’t think of it that way. Yes, hit by a bicycle is so un-007 of me.
      Thanks, Julie. Yes, some good food, including Indonesian which is popular there since they were once a colony of the Dutch.

  10. All those bikes together are a little bit scary. I don’t suppose it is just one rich person who always loses their bike? I’m pretty sure I’d never find mine amongst all these.

    Joking aside, it’s lovely to see Amsterdam through your eyes. I’ve only ever been there briefly for work and never had any chance to roam, but the little houses are very familiar from the ones KLM used to hand out.

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