“Ahhh, Venice”

Venice, Italy. June 2018 (10 photos)

This is Part 2 of my Italy 2018 photo series, and also Part 17 of my Europe 2018 photo series.

Continuing my somewhat random photographic review of my recent European trip, let’s leave PΓ¨re Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and head off to Venice once more.

As I previously mentioned, the best way to explore Venice is just to wander around. It’s like a labyrinth with its maze of canals, paths, and numerous dead ends, although these can be interesting finds of themselves.

“Another dead end”

“The Grand Canal”

I arrived outside of Venice via the airport, and took a boat into Venice. I got a mini tour down the Grand Canal on the way to my stop. It was a warm sunny afternoon, and this must be one of the most picturesque ways to arrive into a city.

“Chiesa di San Barnaba”

I wonder if this looks familiar to you?

My hotel was near the Campo San Barnaba (San Barnaba Square) and I would walk through this square a couple of times a day, and see this church of medieval origin but rebuilt in the 18th century. It looked familiar to me but it wasn’t until I googled it that I realised how I knew this church.

This church was featured in the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, from which the title of this post derives. The exterior of this church was used as the library that Indiana enters to find a giant X on the floor which he breaks open to discover underground passages that lead to the tomb of one of the knights who was a keeper of the Holy Grail. Indiana then emerges out of a manhole in the middle of the same square near where I was standing. If only I had my fedora and whip with me.

“Piazza San Marco”

Eventually everyone ends up at St Mark’s Square. It is said that a cup of coffee at a table in St Mark’s Square is amongst the most expensive in the world and you may be served by indignant or rude, but impeccably dressed waiters. I didn’t test that theory. That’s St Mark’s Basilica in the background.

“O sole mio”

I know it’s a clichΓ© but I actually did see and hear 2 singing gondoliers. Ahhh, Venice.

“Inside the Palazzo Ducale”

The Doge’s Palace (Italian: Palazzo Ducale) is a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, and one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic of Venice, opening as a museum in 1923. I prebooked one of those secret passages tours of areas of the palace off limits to the general public, including the cell that held Casanova, and then had access to the rest of the palace at leisure.

“Yeah, just another room”

The Doge’s Palace is filled with rooms decorated like this.

“The seats of power”

“Ahhh, Venice”

A timeless city of intrigue, beauty and romance.

This is Part 2 of my Italy 2018 photo series.
This is Part 17 of my Europe 2018 photo series, including Czechia (The Czech Republic), The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Greece and Germany.

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Ahhh, Venice (2)


74 thoughts on “Ahhh, Venice (2)

    • Thank you. It has a very unique ambience. Definitely worth a visit outside of peak tourist season. There’s a mix of gondolas and powerboats. It can get busy but I didn’t see any accidents whilst I was there. πŸ™‚

  1. Looks like you had a great time – even if you wish you’d had more of it! Your photos are superb and make me want to give the city one more chance…I have visited twice, and both times I did not get what I had expected. First, in 1976, the veritable stench from the canals was a shock beyond words…sewers. I was a rather romantic young girl and had dreamed of this most romantic city of all. I gave it another chance with my family about 20 years later -and there was no stench – everything was beautifully cleansed, but we ended up in a terrible thunder storm that threatened to overthrow our boat. On returning the next day the city was filled to the brim with tourists – and that is not my thing. I would love to go alone and let the atmosphere catch me an early morning or late night. Love your night shot too. Well, maybe some day…

    • I guess that is always the threat hanging over our travels – a destination not living up to expectations, or horrid weather, or some awful incident/accident. There was no stench when I was there but I heard it happens, and I had mixed weather with minimal rain. Should you give it another chance one day, I hope you have a better experience, but there is no guarantee about that.

  2. J.D. Riso says:

    Dead ends within labyrinths are never dull. Venice is city for secret agents, for sure. πŸ˜‰ Your photos are so full of light. Much different than my visit so many years ago in the March gloom, which had its own kind of beauty.

    • It’s not hard to imagine a story of secrets and intrigue in those hidden parts of the city. Perfect for me. πŸ™‚ I think Venice reveals its beauty no matter the light. The light just determines what mood it wants to reveal.

  3. My only gondola ride experience had been on the artificial Grand canal of venetian Casino in Las Vegas and experience of venice as seen in the movies. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    • Thank you very much. For me, Venice matched the expectations. The boat taxi from the airport to the island and then along the Grand Canal was like a tourist cruise in its own right. It puts you into the right frame of mind immediately.

  4. I have sighed and smiled my way all through your shots. What is it about the lady? So enigmatic but always alluring wherever you view her from. Snippets around a corner! I love your photography, Draco. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My first sighting was by boat, soon after dawn, from Chioggia across the lagoon. We were staying in the Italian Lakes and I couldn’t resist taking a peak. Indelible memories.

    • I think Venice is just one of those enchanting places that everyone dreams about at some stage. I didn’t realise what a labyrinth it is until I arrived. Such a beautiful place to explore, get lost, and find yourself again. Great memories help build the aura of the city, too.

  5. Ahhh, Venice. Such a perfect title for this post. An incredible jaw dropping place. I actually went on a gondola with a singing gondalea. Had tourists lining up on every bridge we went under taking our photo…

  6. Ahhh, Venice. You are trying to reanimate your former glory. You organized the carnival, but time and water are inexorable. A curious traveller needs only to get off the beaten touristic paths to see another side of sinking Venice. Your teeth are crippled by age and the sea, and there is no more strength, money, or desire to renew them. But even with all of this, your atmosphere is still filled with charm.

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