“Where to look?”

Vienna, Austria. June 2018 (13 photos)

This is Part 2 of my Austria 2018 photo series, and also Part 21 of my Europe 2018 photo series.

Let’s leave the Left Bank of Paris from my previous post and return to Vienna, a city steeped in culture with beautiful ornate architecture and numerous sculptures and statues in its old town centre. The difficulty for any tourist is knowing where to look when there’s so much to look at. Ohhh, Vienna …

“CafΓ© Griensteidl building”

“On the Graben, down the Naglergasse”

“On the Heldenplatz”

“Strauss v Lanner”

I like the depiction of people waltzing on the wall surrounding the statue.

“The Hofburg”

“Palais Epstein”

The sculptural work particularly at the entrance and along the top of the walls was particularly impressive.

“No loitering!”


“Schule der Stadt”

“The approach to Schloss Belvedere”

“A random door”

“Horseboy plays your accordion favourites”

This is Part 2 of my Austria 2018 photo series.
This is Part 21 of my Europe 2018 photo series, including Czechia (The Czech Republic), The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Greece and Germany.

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Ohhh, Vienna (2)


66 thoughts on “Ohhh, Vienna (2)

  1. Lovely set of shots once again, Dragon. This time looks like you’ve packed detail and colour in each shot, detail left, right and centre. It is interesting to see architecture carved right in to the walls across Vienna, and subtly too so that all the different sides and histories of the city comes together right before your eyes.

    • There is so much beauty in the details, it’s actually almost overwhelming. And then there’s the cultural/musical aspects. Hollywood has stars in the boulevards for actors and actresses. Vienna has similar stars on it’s footpaths, for musicians and composers. And then there’s all the museums.

      • I haven’t been to Vienna, but I felt the same in Prague. Every few steps I’d have to stop and gawk at a sculpture around a doorway or on a building. Makes getting around a very slow process!

        • Yes, Prague was my first stop on this trip and I experienced exactly as you describe. I remember spending 10 minutes photographing a church only to stop again 3 buildings later. Some cities are too beautiful and interesting for their own good. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much. It’s an impressive city with so much concentrated into a small area.
      I hope the computer is fixed quickly and painlessly. My phone is dying and I’m considering a move from Apple to Android.

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad I got to see a concert of Mozart’s music and caught part of an opera at the Opera House. It’s these cultural elements that enhance the magic of Vienna. It’s part of the city’s tradition.

  2. Heide says:

    After lulling me into a Hapsburgian trance, you really got me with that last image, LOL! Gorgeous shots, though … you really captured Vienna’s grandeur.

  3. Wonderful photos as always. Interesting that you got grey skies in June. My long-ago memory of Vienna is that it was blazing hot. Maybe one should go back in another season to balance out the memories a little.

    • I arrived from hot and humid Venice to cool and overcast Vienna. I actually needed a jacket. You can’t plan these things necessarily. I agree, going back can affect your long held memories.

  4. Marvelous photos. I love horseboy; the juxtaposition of the older couple strolling toward him and his position just below the stature of the rearing horse. So many of these photos have people, passersby positioned in an interesting way beneath a statue or structure. You captured some very interesting moments!

  5. J.D. Riso says:

    The buildings in Vienna are particularly imposing. Every time I went there, I always felt so small. That was probably the point. Great images, as always.

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