“The City of Light”

Paris, France. May-June 2019. (12 photos)

This is Part 2 of my France 2019 photo series, and also Part 3 of my Europe 2019 photo series.

Recently I spent a month visiting France and Portugal, with a short visit to Singapore for good measure.

Last year I spent 16 days in Paris. You can click on the link if you want to see my Paris in the Spring photo series from that trip.

For this trip I spent 10 days in Paris. Everywhere you look, Paris has something interesting to see. And everywhere you look, Paris is a photo waiting to be taken. So here are 12 random photos for your contemplation.

The above photo was taken just after 10pm from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Sunset was at 9:47pm that evening.

Every night from sunset to 1am, at the beginning of each hour, special illuminations glitter on the Eiffel Tower. The display lasts for 5 minutes, except for the 1am finale which lasts 10 minutes and for that particular display, the background lights on the skeletal structure of the Tower get turned off as well.

“Off with their heads”

Returning to my bnb in le Marais from Mont Saint-Michel, an entire grid of streets in le Marais was blocked off for a large travelling flea market. Mannequins on the sidewalk just seems so French.

“All roads lead to the Arc de Triomphe”

At least it seemed so from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

“Paris is a Photo”

I missed out on visiting this part of Paris with numerous giant murals last time I was there.

“Rainbow Street”

Place Martin Nadaud

“I will be serious as pleasure”

“Je serai sérieux comme le plaisir. Les gens ne savent pas ce qu’ils disent. Il n’y a pas de raisons de vivre, mais il n’y a pas de raisons de mourir non plus. La seule façon qui nous soit laissée de témoigner notre dédain de la vie, c’est de l’accepter. La vie ne vaut pas qu’on se donne la peine de la quitter…”

Jacques Rigaut (1898 – 1929), French surrealist poet.

“The Uncle of Europe”

“Pardonnez-moi, où est la Tour Eiffel s’il vous plait?”

“Ahhh, Paris”

In the Luxembourg Gardens.

“Sunset over Paris”

I keep meaning to head over to La Défense, but every time I visit Paris something else seems more important, like sitting at a café and having a coffee or aperol spritz. Oh well, on the next trip perhaps? Apart from the architecture, I understand there’s a lot of sculptural artwork out there.

“Love is all around”

Did I mention that everywhere you look, Paris is a photo waiting to happen? 🙂 When I arrived at the carousel, this couple were riding on it having some professional photos taken. The photographer would call out to them to kiss each time they came around, which was my cue to sneak in a few shots.

“Cimetière du Père-Lachaise”

When I die
let my friends take my ashes through the streets of Paris
to every spot we used to go –
for if I know them well enough I know
I won’t make it back
I’ll be forgotten in some nook
of some café or bar
lost amongst empty glasses,
smouldering ashtrays,
and laughs lingered on summer air –
that is where I’d like to stay forever
lost in Paris
left amongst the lingered laughs of friends

… @AtticusPoetry

The next instalment of this series, Paris is a photo (2) is now online.

In May and June 2019, I visited France, Portugal and Singapore.

This is Part 3 of this photographic series and Part 2 of the posts about France.

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Paris is a photo


70 thoughts on “Paris is a photo

  1. All roads do lead to the Arc de Triomphe. What an architectural wonder.
    Btw, I love cemetaries. I made sure I stayed near Père-Lachaise. My only regret was I didn’t have the guide. I wanted to see so much more.

    Lovely series.

  2. Could it be that Monsieur Draco has begun to learn some French? Et qu’il devient sérieux? C’est pas possible! Love the quote, and I knew it was surrealist even before I saw the author’s name. It makes me miss speaking French on a daily basis. There’s a quirk about French culture that I so love and miss and that’s the random poetry/philosophy graffiti that you find in strategic places. Fabulous post, as always.

    • LOL. Basic french is included in secret agent school, so I can get by. It’s when the conversation gets too advanced that I flounder, but at least I’ve shown that I tried. 🙂

      There’s an artist around Paris whose street art is a picture of flowers/roses with a random phrase about love. I’ve photographed about 15 different ones, and never tire of them. Yes, the random poetry, philosophy, art and satire is quite addictive and part of the soul of Paris.

      • Ah, yes, secret agent school. I’m sure you were valedictorian. It’s important to make efforts with language when you travel/live overseas. Not only as a sign of respect, but it also enriched your experience. 🙂

        • Completely agree, it does enrich the experience. And it’s easy enough to have a translation app on your phone ready to help out when needed – that was particularly helpful when I was in Japan. 🙂

  3. These are wonderful photos of a Paris that not everyone sees. ‘Off with their heads’ is fabulous as are many of the others . You look at the scene in a different way and then compose your photo. Marvelous!!

  4. Ah Draco, the shot where you look up at the sky – uncle of Europe? Is so good. I looked at it for ages, seeing the details and wondering what on earth made you look up and take it. So glad you did.

    • There was a small private tour group of 3 standing in front of the statue, so I went right up to the front of the statue and shot up so the sky was a background. I then noticed the buildings almost encircling me. So I waited for the group to leave, found a suitable spot, knelt on the ground and shot up as wide as I could to get the buildings and statue. 🙂

      Because of his family connections to numerous European royal families, the “Uncle of Europe” is the nickname of King Edward VII. That identifies the statue and the location. 🙂

  5. Superb as usual. You have spent longer in Paris than I have throughout my entire life and yet I live so close! Seeing it through your lens makes it even more magical. But what I love the most about this particular post is not any image, but the last poem. I love the idea of my ashes been scattered through a place that I loved.

    • The poem struck a chord with me as well, Jude. If I’d found it earlier I would have made a post called, Lost in Paris. As it was, I encountered the poem after 90% of the post was written, so I found a suitable last photo for it. Thanks, as always.

  6. You have captured such wonderful pictures that selecting a favorite is rather difficult. That poem is lingering in my mind. Looking forward to seeing more street art.

  7. What a butterfly you are! In the nicest possible way 🙂 🙂 The expressions on those mannequins is so Par-ee! And what a place to do t’ai chi! Or have a cuddle on a bench 🙂 But that sunset! Pure awe! Thanks for the journey, and the memories, Draco. Superb, as always!

  8. Beautiful, poetic, mellow. I was in La Défense already. And then I went once more. I found it the perfect flipside to the other Paris. But I understand priorities. You’ll be back. 🙂

  9. Ah, another stint in Paris for you. As always, very sharp shots and really like the blue hour ones. There’s something very romantic and charming about Paris as many of us have come to know, but I think there’s also the quiet side of it. Hehe, what is it with you walking into people’s photoshoots. Good timing 😛

    • For me, Paris is one of those special places. There’s so much to enjoy there and I speak/read enough french to get by.

      Yes, “crashing” that photoshoot was quite fortuitous. I made sure I stayed out of the way but I got my shots as well. I showed that photo to a friend at work and she instantly declared that is where she wants her boyfriend to propose to her. I hope I don’t get in trouble with him for that. 🙂

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