“Wanderings in Lisbon”

Lisbon, Portugal. May 2019. (12 photos)

This is Part 3 of my Portugal 2019 photo series, and also Part 6 of my Europe 2019 photo series.

Recently I spent a month visiting France and Portugal, with a short visit to Singapore for good measure.

I stayed for 8 nights in Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese), using it as a base for making a few day trips in Portugal. In between eating pasteis de nata and drinking port, I found some time to go wandering and enjoy the Lisbon life.

“Above Lisbon”

To the left that’s the Praça do Comércio on the Tagus river. It’s the main plaza of Lisbon.

To be honest, before booking my flight to Lisbon, I couldn’t name anything in particular I wanted to see there. Friends told me to go to Belem, maybe ride a tram and wander around the Alfama, but didn’t name any particular landmark to visit. It seemed like Lisbon was more of an experience and lifestyle, and I was happy to go wandering Lisbon with that mindset.

“The E25 to Prazeres”

Got to love that afternoon glow.

“Loving Lisbon”

I really liked what this view offered. One part of Lisbon glowing in the sun and another part decaying in shadow.

“On the streets of Lisbon”

There was no shortage of anything interesting to photograph whilst wandering Lisbon.

“Sunday afternoon”

“Praça dos Restauradores”

“Somewhere in Belem”

The jacaranda trees were in full bloom in Lisbon.

“I think, but I do not exist”

This building once accommodated the stables of the Trindade Palace. The text was added later. René Descartes might have considered them to be fighting words.

“Golden brown, texture like sun”

That’s the Ponte 25 de Abril (25th of April Bridge) across the Tagus river. It was inaugurated on August 6, 1966, and it was built by the American Bridge Company which constructed the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. With a total length of 2,277 metres it is the 38th largest suspension bridge in the world. The name “25 de Abril” commemorates the Carnation Revolution.

“The Lisbon life”

A friend of mine told me the key to experiencing Lisbon is to find a nice spot to relax and enjoy the sunset.
I believe there is great wisdom in those words.

“Sunset on Lisbon”

Sunset, as seen from a rooftop bar. The music and cocktails were a perfect accompaniment to the view.
Needless to say, I was definitely enjoying the Lisbon life.

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In May and June 2019, I visited France, Portugal and Singapore.

This is Part 6 of this photographic series and Part 3 of the posts about Portugal.

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The Lisbon life


62 thoughts on “The Lisbon life

  1. It is a good wander place. Did you go inside the Monastery at Belem? That is an absolute stunner though queues can put you off sometimes. Worth it for the cloisters and ‘look down’ gallery. Next time? 😇💕

    • The one day I went to Belem, and I arrived early for photography without the crowds at the Torre, there were barricades around the Monastery. I didn’t think much of it until I heard cannon fire a bit later on that morning and saw a large military procession and function in and around there. I decided not to wait for the function to end and the Monastery grounds to open to the public. So I missed out. Something to add to the list for next time. Instead went to LX factory then took the ferry across to the other side of the river. The day wasn’t wasted. 🙂

  2. Fantastic visit to Lisbon, Draco. Your skills at capturing all the different angles, from way above to almost on the ground, had me mesmerized; and your ability to embrace the gift of light is much appreciated. Love the street scenes and the whimsy (like in the first photo), history, contrasts (“glowing and decaying”) and the spirit of this city that you presented here.

  3. Lisbon is most definitely a city you can simply wander around and enjoy although those cobbled pavements and steep hills can be a little wearying on the old legs! The one thing I didn’t like was all the graffiti – not the genuine street art, but the tagging etc especially on beautiful tiled properties. The one thing I DID like were those pasteis de nata. Worth going back to Portugal for those alone 😀

  4. Wandering sounds just right, Lignum, and you caught some marvelous light in many of your shots. I love the jacaranda tree and the street art of the woman in the first shot, although I’d love to smack whoever put graffiti over it!


  5. I’m thinking more and more that Portugal is a destination not to be overlooked! The colours captured by the setting sun and those beautiful flowers in the trees are just dreamy. Thank you once again for sharing!

    • You’d love it. It’s a really laid back country and people are so friendly. Pastry shops everywhere and sangria flows freely. And the sunsets can be stunning. I may have just talked myself into going back. LOL 🙂

  6. La qualité de tes photographies est extraordinnaire, un tout grand bravo.
    Tu donnes envie de visiter cette ville et je pense également que parfois il faut “ressentir” la ville par soi même et non par ce que les catalogues nous proposent de voir

    • Thanks, Julie. I was happy I got that shot. Wasn’t sure if I would have liked him to look back at me or not, so I just stayed quiet and didn’t give a surprise cough. 🙂 Yes, Lisbon is made for wandering.

  7. Heide says:

    What beautiful shots you captured — I can practically feel the sun’s warmth in them! And as Yoshimi said, thank you also for sharing such a wonderful blend of tourist favorites and locals-only haunts.

    • Thank you so much. It was hot enough in Portugal, even before the current heatwave in Europe.Lisbon is only a smallish city, but it was great fun exploring it. 🙂

  8. Lisbon is so on the list. The sailing pictures are calling me there as is the sunset on Lisbon with its golden tones.
    And the streetcar pic stands out with its lighting and its charming subject.

    Always a pleasure to visit your pages

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