“Notre Dame Cathedral after the fire”

Paris, France. May-June 2019. (12 photos)

This is Part 6 of my France 2019 photo series, and also Part 15 of my Europe 2019 photo series.

Recently I spent a month visiting France and Portugal, with a short visit to Singapore for good measure.

On this trip I spent 10 days in Paris. Everywhere you look, Paris has something interesting to see. And everywhere you look, Paris is a photo waiting to be taken. So here are another set of random photos for your contemplation.

As you would know, a fire engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15, 2019. My visit to Paris was less than a month after that fire and you can see some of the aftermath here. All the roads around the Cathedral were blocked off to pedestrians and cars, but I do have some photos showing the destruction in greater detail. For comparison, my photos of Notre Dame Cathedral from my 2018 visit are mostly in the post, Paris in the Spring (2).

“Paris, across the rooftops”

In 2015, The Ministry of Culture applied for UNESCO World Heritage status for “the rooftops of Paris”. However that is a lengthy consideration process, and the result is still pending, I believe.

“Just another day in Le Marais”

Street scenes like this simply don’t seem out of place in Paris. After my return from Mont Saint-Michel, I came across a large flea market on the streets of Le Marais.

“Oh when the saints go marching in”

Jeanne d’Arc (St Joan of Arc) on horseback outside the Eglise Saint-Augustin. The Eglise Saint-Augustin was built from 1860 to 1868. It was purpose built purely to provide a counterpoint to the famous columns of La Madeleine at the other end of Boulevard Malesherbes, according to the plans of Baron Haussmann. At least one critic has described the church as, “an eyesore: ridiculously sited, without proportion, crushed beneath an outsized dome.” The neighborhood around the church is now one of the most expensive in Paris.

“Above Paris”

“Stained glass heaven”

Sainte-Chapelle is a royal chapel in the Gothic style, within the medieval Palais de la Cite, the residence of the Kings of France until the 14th century, on the Ile de la Cite in the River Seine in Paris, France. Construction began around 1238 and the chapel was consecrated in 1248. It was commissioned by King Louis IX to house his collection of Passion relics, including Christ’s Crown of Thorns, later hosted in the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral until the 2019 fire, which it survived.

“She’s got the look”

There are quite a few giant wall murals in Paris. I like how the girl in front of the building is almost giving me the same look as in the mural.


“Atelier du Temps Passé”

The workshop of times gone by.

“Young & Happy”

Rue Mouffetard, Latin Quarter.

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“Galeries Lafayette”

The Galeries Lafayette is a French department store chain. Its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris is well known for its rooftop terrace offering free views across Paris (see the second photo in this post). Inside, the architecture and design is worthy of a moment or three of gawking. Here, I’m standing near to the centre of the main retail floor looking up at the beautiful domed ceiling. You can see they have recently installed a 9 metre long glass floor walkway from the 3rd floor, suspended 16 metres high in mid-air under the dome. It’s free but time limited, and often with a queue.

“Sunset stroll along the Seine”

This was taken at 9:47pm. Sunset is a beautiful time in Paris. The hard part is deciding where to enjoy it from.

Teach me of your love,
Teach me of your cobbled streets
and rivers
Teach me of your painters who sit by your bridges,
Teach me of your gardens and the cafes and the treats,
Teach me of the sun as it sets in the trees,
Teach me
For I will listen,
Teach me and I will paint it,
With all the words it gives me.

… @atticuspoetry

In May and June 2019, I visited France, Portugal and Singapore.

This is Part 15 of this photographic series and Part 6 of the posts about France

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Paris is a photo (3)


75 thoughts on “Paris is a photo (3)

  1. So that chapel is about 800 years old. That’s older than a lot of countries worlwide.
    And imagine that glass breaking when people are walking through…. that thought would have crossed my mind if I was about to pass.

  2. Charming as ever. I love the murals, and haven’t visited Paris since they first started coming up.

    It’s a pity about the fire, but I think we are finally getting to see what Notre Dame looked like before Viollet-le-Duc remodelled it.

    • Thanks. The murals are beautiful works of art. I spent much of an afternoon just hunting for them.

      Indeed, Notre Dame is a work in progress, and whilst the fire is tragic, it’s had a chequered history with various changes over the years. This is just the next phase, in a way.

  3. J.D. Riso says:

    Your tours of Paris always make me a little homesick for France. The sunset over the Seine is breathtaking. Bravo, Monsieur Draco.

    • Walk around a lot and enjoy the moment and ambience. That is my best advice.

      A Paris Museum Pass may be appropriate depending on your needs. The rest depends on your interests. Personally, I tried to visit 3 patisseries a day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Thanks.
          How costly are hotels and convenient locations for hotels. Walking is not an issue. Both me and my wife are OK with walking or public transport but will lke to maximize the time as she does not have much vacation time.

        • As expected, the closer you are to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other major sites, the prices rise but you’re going in shoulder/low season so prices should be lower in general. If staying further out, be near to the Metro. I spend little time in the hotels, so I avoid large hotels with amenities I won’t use.

        • Paris is a large city and everything is spread out, although many of the tourist sights are along the Seine. In a straight line, Sacre Coeur Basilica (Montmartre) is about 5km northeast from the Eiffel Tower. In a straight line, Notre Dame is about 4km east from the Eiffel Tower. I suggest you create a must-see list, then find them on a map of Paris and that will give you an idea of where it is best to stay.

          On my first trip I stayed in Montmartre, then moved to the 7th arrondissement near the Eiffel, then stayed in the 3rd arrondissement (le Marais).
          On my most recent trip I stayed in the 3rd arrondissement before going to Portugal. On the return leg I stayed in the 8th arrondissement(near the Arc de triomphe).

        • There’s a patisserie on almost every commercial block in Paris, or at least it seems so. No, I didn’t try this one but I haven’t wandered around the Oberkampf district much. I’ll put it on my list for next time.

  4. More fab photos and you are the most wonderful narrator! That glass floor walkway however looks totally scary and spoils the view from below, though I imagine the view from on it must be stupendous! Every time you do a Paris post I want to return.

    • Thank you very much, Jude. The glasswalk was a fun experience with great views. I assume you it was very solid. Well, I did return to Rue Mouffetard on this trip because of one of your previous posts. 🙂

  5. Heide says:

    Only you would visit France and Portugal, and then hop over to Singapore for good measure! 🙂 As usual, your images are marvelous. I especially love your scenes from everyday life, like “nuts” and that poor naked mannequin in the Marais.

    • Such is the tyranny of distance. At least Singapore makes for an efficient and comfortable stopover on the way to Europe, with lots of good food.

      Thank you kindly. Each time I’ve visited Paris, I have stayed in 2 different locations, to maximise the efficiency of my daily wanders, but each year le Marais has been one of those areas. It’s so very “Paris”, and the food options… 🙂

      • Heide says:

        What a brilliant idea, to stay in two different places during the same vacation. It’s striking how much our choice of lodging can color the rest of the trip, isn’t it?

        • Indeed, particularly since the ambience in different areas of Paris can be so different from one to the next. I recommend this, but you want to be in Paris long enough to make it worthwhile changing lodgings.

  6. Saint-Chapelle and the Galleries Lafayette are wonderful shots. The former was undergoing some reconstruction when I was there, and I’ve never been to the latter. How have I managed that? Rooftop sounds good. What’s a bit of queuing- I’ll get there early 🙂 🙂 But that sunset is blissful, so I’ll be hanging around.

    • Thanks, Jo. Definitely try to visit Saint-Chapelle. That stained glass is quite a treat. Galeries Lafayette’s rooftop view is a treat on a clear day. Mental note made to go back at sunset next time. 🙂

  7. Lovely zoom in? on Joan. Great framing … quirky selection of shots. Like how you manage to avoid all the crowds and capture the essence.Thanks, Draco,

    • Thank you very much. Yes, I had a zoom lens, then cropped and straightened the photo a bit. I also took a photo from behind the statue, with St Joan and her drawn sword held against the traffic and sky. I like that shot too, but this one is more appropriate for the post.

  8. Beautiful images of Paris. And yes you can see things in Paris you would not see anywhere else. Once I was in a store in Paris and a woman walked in and she was covered in a sort of bronze glitter make up and nothing else. Yup completely naked but for the body paint.

  9. When I first passed through Paris (several times) back in 1980 I wasn’t a fan. Too many rude experiences and not enough money didn’t help. The second time, in 2004 was a whole different experience. It was magical. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that I proposed to my wife there…)

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