“Another look at Lisbon”

Lisbon, Portugal. May 2019. (12 photos)

This is Part 11 of my Portugal 2019 photo series, and also Part 17 of my Europe 2019 photo series.

Recently I spent a month visiting France and Portugal, with a short visit to Singapore for good measure.

I stayed for 8 nights in Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese), using it as a base for making a few day trips in Portugal. In between eating pasteis de nata and drinking port, I found some time to go wandering and enjoy the Lisbon life.

By the way, I do believe the woman above is pointing at the Igreja e Convento da Graca.

“Chiado Dawn”

In Lisbon, I stayed in the Chiado District, considered a bohemian neighborhood in Lisbon, sometimes compared to Montmartre in Paris. The sign on the corner of the blue tiled building says “Fundada em 1732” (Founded in 1732). This is Livraria Bertrand (Bookstore Bertrand), the oldest operating bookstore in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

“The Art of Melancholy”

Down a small lane in the Alfama, I came across this artwork which portrays a sense of “Saudade”, the essence of Fado music. Oh, and nearby I found a secluded rooftop bar with views across the Alfama. Lisbon is full of secret surprises.

“No. 76”

A random tiled wall in the Alfama district. Apart from the beauty of the decoration of azulejos, they act as heat reflectors which is why so many buildings in Lisbon have tiled walls.


I had a big smile when I saw this street art in/near the Mouraria district depicting a woman spraying paint on the face of a guy with a selfie stick.

“Above Lisbon”

I love the haphazard layout of the city.

“Elevador de Santa Justa”

An elevator on the side of a hill in the middle of the city built in the 19th century, it was originally a part of Lisbon’s public transport system. However the 45 metre high viewing platform at the top ensures this wrought-iron structure is a popular tourist attraction. The exterior structure is adorned with neo-gothic arches and geometric patterns.

Other public transport elevators can be found throughout Lisbon, often hidden in the back of shops.

“The Lisbon Life”

8:30pm in Lisbon. That’s the Ponte 25 de Abril in the background.

“Lisbon Moments”

There are so many ways to enjoy Lisbon.

“Dusk at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia”

“While Lisbon sleeps…”

11pm at the Miradouro da Graca.

“Lisbon is the new Lisbon”

That double decker bus has been converted into a kitchen for the cafe below.

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In May and June 2019, I visited France, Portugal and Singapore.

This is Part 17 of this photographic series and Part 11 of the posts about Portugal.

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The Lisbon life (3)


40 thoughts on “The Lisbon life (3)

  1. Lisbon looks awesome! I will be visiting Lisbon next month. Unfortunately I will only have one day there. I’m sure that I will want to go back soon. Thanks for the ideas for places to see.

    • I enjoyed it immensely. A shame you only have one day there – part of a cruise? Just remember it’s a hilly city so you might need to plan your sightseeing to take that into account. I particularly liked the pasteis de nata at Manteigaria.

  2. There’s a new quality to your photos, Draco. A lustre or sharpness that’s different. Is it the background, or have you employed a new technique? Stunning as always.

    • Thank you but I haven’t done anything differently. I think it’s just the quality of the light in many of these photos. The majority were taken before 8am or after 5pm, as I recall.

  3. J.D. Riso says:

    That mural of the woman blasting the selfie stick wielder is priceless. “Haphazard” is a great word to describe Lisbon’s layout. I’m not easily lost, but I found myself in that predicament several times during my visit.

    • I’m going to assume you haven’t bought a selfie stick yet. 🙂 That mural was visual gold to me!

      Thanks, Julie.I know, Lisbon is like a rabbit warren. I went searching for something in the Alfama which I chanced upon a couple of days earlier but couldn’t find it again. Yet I found so much without looking for anything in particular.

  4. More lovely views. I like the night scene in particular as we didn’t get out into the city during the evening. Sigh… what with you and Jo I am beginning to desire another holiday to Portugal.

    • Thanks, Jude. After shooting in that area at night, I had to walk through the Mouraria to get back to my hotel. There was Fado music in the air and ginjinha to be drunk. I was happy. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll see you Portugal one day. 🙂

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