“French windows”

Rennes, France. May 2019. (9 photos)

This is Part 7 of my France 2019 photo series, and also Part 19 of my Europe 2019 photo series.

Recently I spent a month visiting France and Portugal, with a short visit to Singapore for good measure.

After taking the bus from Mont Saint-Michel to Rennes, I had 3 hours to wait until my train was scheduled to arrive to take me back to Paris. According to google maps it would take me about 20 minutes to walk to the historic centre of Rennes from the train station, and allowing for the fact I would have to be carrying all my gear, that gave me about 2 hours to wander around the historic centre. But I was hungry and part of that time was spent having a local lunch with some red wine – I was in France.

That left me with (relatively) moments in Rennes, to look around the historic town centre. Here’s a glimpse at Rennes…

“Cobblestoned streets”

…naturally enough.
By the way, that’s where I had lunch, chez les garΓ§ons.

Rennes is the capital city of the region of Brittany (French: Bretagne), in northwest France. It’s known for its medieval half-timbered houses and the grand Rennes Cathedral.

“Made in Frogs”

Obviously the owner has a sense of humour.

“Cathedral Saint-Pierre de Rennes”

“Place du Champ-Jacquet”

This is a little triangular plaza I came across, featuring tall timber-framed houses dating back to the 17th Century. In the plaza stands a statue of Jean Leperdit (1752-1823), the mayor of Rennes who saved prisoners sentenced to death during the French Revolution (1790s). He is depicted tearing up a list of names of people sentenced to the guillotine.

“Palais du Commerce”

“Mairie de Rennes”

The town hall.

Rennes’ history goes back more than 2000 years, at a time when it was a small Gallic village. From the early sixteenth century until the French Revolution, Rennes was a parliamentary, administrative and garrison city of the historic province of Brittany of the Kingdom of France. In 2015, the city was the tenth largest in France. In 2018, L’Express named Rennes as “the most liveable city in France”.

“La Vilaine”

“Gratuitous photo of Mont Saint-Michel at dawn”

Did I mention that I was in Rennes after visiting Mont Saint-Michel?
My previous posts about Mont Saint-Michel are here…

Le Mont Saint-Michel
Le Mont Saint-Michel (2)

In May and June 2019, I visited France, Portugal and Singapore.

This is Part 19 of this photographic series and Part 7 of the posts about France.

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Moments in Rennes


38 thoughts on “Moments in Rennes

  1. Glorious shots, especially that “extra” shot. Reminds me of France for some reason. πŸ™‚ I just got back from three weeks, but in a rural area with small towns, which still look lots like these.


  2. I’ve been told many times that I should visit Rennes. Now you’ve shown me that. Place du Champ-Jaquet looks interesting and different from many other places. Worth visiting then, isn’t it?

    • I didn’t really read up on Rennes before visiting and was happy to be guided by a tourist map. However, there definitely is much of interest there and there are very good food options as well.

  3. You certainly took advantage of that stopover, Monsieur Draco. I never made it to Rennes when I lived in France, even though I wasn’t that far away. Angers has the half-timbered houses, too, which add so much character. Did you eat crΓͺpes? Bretagne has the best.πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, julie. I get the hint – must visit Angers some day, and I would have already if not for the SNCF strikes.

      The restaurant I chose didn’t have them on the set lunch menu, but in retrospect I should have had them whilst there. In fact I had a few meals of Breton Galettes (savoury and sweet) in Paris near the Luxembourg Gardens, this year and last.

  4. Loved all the photos, gratuitous or not. Some of the old buildings are a little off Centre, which I suppose is to be expected after a few centuries. Lunching at the boy’s house? Why not?

    • No, nowhere else in Bretagne on this trip. Maybe next time since France offers so much in terms of culture and scenery and I would like to see more of the countryside.
      It seems I have been close to Nantes this year at Rennes and last year when in the Loire Valley. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Nantes.

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