I got my first working camera at about the age of 6. Something that looked incredibly similar to the current Lomography Diana F+. I’ve accumulated cameras ever since.

These days I’m mostly shooting with:

Leica M10
Leica SL

My active film cameras include:

Leica M3
Hasselblad Xpan
Olympus trip 35

11 thoughts on “Cameras

  1. I have been looking at the OMD and a couple of primes (12mm f2 included) Desperate for something good, light and digital. (miss lots of good stuff because I don’t want to lug a dslr around everywhere!) I have heard this is a great camera and looking forward to trying it!

    • The only thing I didn’t like about this camera was the need to set up the menus. It is highly customisable and I had to check a few websites for help/suggestions on settings but otherwise I love it. The Sony RX1 is also rather tempting.

      By the way, Olympus are running promotions in January in many countries for cash back, etc on new camera and/or lens purchases. It ends January 31 in Australia and probably elsewhere.

  2. Thanks for the equipment information – I am always curious about what other people are using as well as what post-procesing methods are employed. This will help me as I look over your site.

    • Thanks for visiting.

      With respect to post processing, I use Lightroom 4 with additional nik software and other presets/brushes. However, as I learn more about Lightroom, I find myself less reliant on the other presets unless I’m after a particular look. Visualistion is the key…

      • Yes, just like knowing your shooting gear (whatever that may be) – you need to understand your processing software. I depend a lot on Photoshop’s adjustment layers and layer masks – so that I can always return to tweak a picture after I think I’m finished with it.

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