Sydney siege 1

Is this the most recognisable wall in Australia, of recent times?

Sydney December 2014 (10 photos)

At 9:44am on Monday December 15 (Sydney time), ten days before Christmas, a man who had recently converted to a radical religious death cult walked into the Lindt Chocolate Café in the centre of Sydney. He disabled the automatic front doors and produced a shot gun from his bag. Almost immediately, a woman following behind the man saw this happening and called the police. 18 people inside, staff and customers, immediately became hostages. Some were made to stand at the windows you see above to act as human shields. This vision dominated the local and world news broadcasts for hours. The café is located on a large and busy pedestrian mall, directly opposite a television station newsroom, opposite the Reserve Bank, and close to law courts.

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The Sydney Siege: life and death in a chocolate shop