“Said the white knight to the black castle, let’s call it a stalemate.”

Trinidad Cuba October 2017 (17 photos)

This is part 6 of my Cuba 2017 photo series.

During a bit of a random wander, I chanced upon the 2 guys above. If you haven’t already guessed, they are in front of the local chess school. I liked how one was wearing a white shirt whilst the other wore a black shirt. I asked if I could take their photo but I didn’t instruct them to pose.

“The streets of Trinidad.”

Let’s continue our wander along the streets of Trinidad, shall we?

“Decorative features.”

Perhaps you’ve noticed in my photo series so far that most houses in Cuba don’t have glass on their windows, just bars and wooden shutters. The shutters get opened in the morning and allow the breeze through. The absence of glass also helps people to be more friendly, allowing them to freely talk to each other through the windows.

“Palacio Cantero”

A grandiose 19th-century colonial mansion, now a municipal history museum with antiques and frescoes.

“El Nino”

He didn’t speak English but I told him where I was from, before asking if I could take his photo.

“Where grand masters are made”

Inside the chess school. It was a Sunday during the heat and humidity of a mid afternoon in the Caribbean. I’m not surprised no-one was inside playing.

“Paying attention to details”

“Feeling blue”

The serenity of a warm caribbean twilight in Trinidad. Still just wandering and breathing Cuba in before my usual pre-dinner mojito(s).

“The walls have ears.”

“The colours of Trinidad”

The colours of the buildings, particularly in the historic region, are amazing. In photography, they say you should pay attention to your backgrounds. Well, after a while, I just decided to concentrate on the background details.

Here’s a small selection of my coloured wall details.

These were all shot with a 28mm prime lens at about a distance of 1.5 metres.

“Shall we Che tango?”

A little bit of cheating went on here. The sign was off to the right with one of the bars covering the picture of the dancing couple. When I thought the people inside weren’t looking, I moved the sign into a better position.

“SeΓ±orita from Trinidad.”

It was mid morning and I walked into this small cantina with a friend. She was sitting in a small back room and came out to greet us. I ordered 2 refrescos (soft drinks) for a total of CUC$3. I had a $5 note and told her to keep the change. We sat at a table and had our drinks. This wall looked interesting and I liked the light shining onto it. After finishing my drink, I looked at her and said “SeΓ±orita, foto por favor?” as I pointed to the chair. She grimaced and probably regretted accepting my tip but graciously came around from behind the bar and sat down whilst we took photos.

“Cuban classic car”

I’ll have one more post about Trinidad before moving on and posting about a different part of Cuba.

This is part 6 of my Cuba 2017 photo series.

Click here for part 1 of my Cuba 2017 photo series, as featured on WordPress’ discovery site.

This is part 6 of my photo series of my 2017 trip to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada.

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Trinidad Tales (3)


91 thoughts on “Trinidad Tales (3)

  1. This series of posts from Cuba is wonderful, Draco! Every image is fresh, with something new to offer…amazing. The colored wall details as an example… Thanks for the virtual tour!

    • Thanks very much, Mic. There’s so much visual inspiration in Cuba. However, I did manage to exercise some restraint with my photography though. Had to appreciate/live the experience and not just look at it through a viewfinder. It’s a beautiful country.

  2. These are pure bliss. I could enfold myself in this warmth forever. Could you have a mojito on standby for me? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Seriously- the colours, the subject matter, the chess school… superb, Draco! (I won’t mention that we have snow here this evening)

    • It was warm and a bit humid in Trinidad. Perfect mojito weather, Jo. All those colours and sights, it was like being in a subtropical delirium. I was very happy there, as you may imagine. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the snow!

  3. Another cool series, Dragon! Beautiful shot of the Cuban classic car.
    I love the photo of young girl. Beautiful colorful chairs, door, wall…, and the sunlight and her sweet smile are all perfectly captured.

    • Thanks very much, Amy. The seΓ±orita was very kind to allow us to photograph her. But everyone is so agreeable. Cuba is the place to learn portrait photography, I think. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m not sure I want this series to end, but then I am keen to see what you found during the rest of your trip. Love the walls and the doors, my kind of shots πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Jude. Cuba was an endless photographic delight. The more I go back through the photos, the more I want to go back. You’d be in wall, window and door heaven in Trinidad and many of the smaller towns.

  5. Thanks Draco. Beautiful images. All my responses seem already covered. (I’d buy a book of Raffle Tickets for that blue car!)
    Re the wall ear, maybe its about being careful what you say. I do know of a Tamil story where ‘telling your troubles to the walls” means you can walk away lighter.
    Cheers. Meg

  6. It is an interesting observation that there windows aren’t glassed. They got it real simple, but you could also see it from an economic perspective. The lady posing for your photo looked very happy to do so 😁✌

    • Without the glass, people inside can easily talk to people outside. It’s so simple. Even at my private homestay, I had no glass on my window. I could opened the shutters and there was the world. πŸ™‚ However, keeping the noise out was another problem. At least it was a quiet place at night.

  7. I just drooled over those colour combos of the walls LD in fact I lingered over each photo studying the detail. That blue car looked to be well loved, so shiny and I think the idea of no glass so people can chat to each other is a great idea. Did you actually see any tango sessions? I love to watch the tango, one of my favourite dances only wish I could do it, so sensuous. I agree with Jude I hope you just keep going with this series…

  8. I almost missed this one in your stunning series,dear Draco.Wonderful colours and textures in your photos,interesting facades,deco details,vintage cars,portraits and the real spirit of a remote island in our planet where its national heritage remains unspoiled,Hope high tech and avant-garde architecture wil never alter its local colour.

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